B1 certificate without doing exam, how possible?

My name is Cherry, from Hamburg.

I made test/exam last Friday, I felt that I didn't pass the exam. How can I get the B1 certificate without doing exam, is it possible? Because I really need it for my documents.

To get a B1 certificate, you have to pass the associated exam.

How else would you prove that you have the necessary language skills?

@cherryestrada76 Not how it works. This is an inappropriate idea. There is a reason that standards of language are required. Often it is for your protection (and others) like not being in a situation where you have to make important decisions or do a job where you cannot fully understand what is going on. In some countries offical things are just something to get around. Not in Germany. What you are asking to do is called fraud and is a criminal offense.

There is one solution; keep learning to get your level high enough to pass exams without failure!


You might surprise yourself and have actually passed!

Thanks everyone for replying my message, I just prayed I passed the exam.