The cost of Living in Canada in 2023

Hello everyone,

As every year, we invite you to share your experience on the evolution of the cost of living in the region or city where you live in order to answer future requests for information from new members of the site who would like to move there soon in Canada.

In terms of accommodation, how much does it cost to rent/buy a flat or house in in Canada?
How much do you pay on average for public transport (bus, metro, train, tram, taxi)?
What is the average price of your monthly food basket?

How much does health insurance cost? How much does it cost to see a doctor in Canada?

What about school fees for your children?

What is the average monthly cost of electricity, gas, water, internet, telephone?

What is the average cost of your leisure activities?

If there are other expenses that you think are useful, please share them!

Thank you in advance for your future contribution.

Mickael Team

For vegetarian : it may cost $150 to $175 per person for groceries

For transportation , best thing is to use public transit ( you may found monthly bus price on website for each city) . I will not prefer taxi if you are couple with small baby for time being. Toronto have best transit, you may not need to buy car for many months until, you are ready to spend 500 to 600 dollar on top of Car cost.

You may get Government's child tax benefit, which will be helpful to cover kid's expense.

Hosing prices are too much to buy - 100k job is not good enough to buy in city.

Calgary is still cheaper in housing.

Greater Toronto area - Rent for 2 bedroom basement is 1500 at least


I would like to know the cost of living (per month) for a family of 5 in montreal on an average?