Cost of living in Mississauga or Scarborough 2018

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Hope all of you are well. Could any one please share what will be the monthly living cost in Mississauga or Scarborough for a family of four (2 adults / 2 children) ?

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Your minimum monthly after-tax budget should be around $3,300 to $4,000 for a family of four living in Scarborough or Mississauga. For comparison, a single adult would need an after-tax budget about $2,600 per month. Source: Huffington Post 2/13/2018

However, these figures are highly subjective, depending on your family lifestyle and desired quality of life.

One of your largest monthly expenditures will be rent. Yes, a very basic, poor quality, two bedroom apartment can be found for as little as $1,350 per month (government subsidized housing area). But expect to pay $1,900 per month for a standard two bedroom apartment and $2,500 per month (or more) for a standard two bedroom condominium.

Thanks  a lot . Could you please give me breakdown of this cost , when ever you have some free time.

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A realistic breakdown would be difficult as it depends on many factors specific to your family situation. For example, will your spouse work and your children require daycare? Are your children pre-school or teenagers? Do you plan to buy or lease a car? Do you want to save for a future home purchase?

Here's a hypothetical breakdown for an average family of four in Mississauga or Scarborough:

Housing & Utilities - $1,900 per month
Food & Supplies - $850 per month
Transportation - $300 per month
Entertainment & Leisure - $300 per month
Clothing - $150 per month
Savings - $200 per month
Other - $200 per month

Keep in mind these are very rough estimates and may or may not reflect your own family situation.

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Thanks for sharing which is really helpful. Yes , it varies and depends upon many factors.


PhotoSmurf is really point with the breakdown. An average of $3500 monthly for a family of 4.

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