Vehicle import

After bringing our vehicles over from the UK we have had a few interesting  things to deal with. The vehicles cleared in Limassol and we were told to take the forms stamped by Limassol customs to Paphos customs to complete the process. What we did not know was there was a whole load more steps required. We though we just needed to present the Limassol docs along with the insurance, passport and licenses and bobs your uncle. Nope. The whole process started again and we needed copies of


Cypriot bank statements (not possible to open without a bunch of other docs like util bills etc and a dependency on the immigration which also depends on a Cypriot bank account!)

immigration appointment email

uk bank statements covering at least 1 year prior to arrival

uk council tax bills

copy driving license front and back

uk vehicle insurance for the past 1 year

V5 copy front and back

A special form that is certified by the court house as one vehicle is over 5 years old

A Cyprus rental agreement for 1 year or more that has been certified by the local notary in the government building

original sales invoices for the vehicle. They have since agreed due to age this can be omitted

proof the vehicles have been owned in the uk for more than  6 months. Previous insurance seems to prove this.

Confirmation from immigration after the meeting to then finalise the import. They have agreed to extend the temporary import if the immigration is protracted.

Therefore be aware this is a bit of extra work and if you do not have all the docs and copies you will need to go away and get them to return and start the process again. The good news is there is no line at the customs office so you can get seen very quickly!

We will also need to visit the department of transport with the court signed doc to start the registration process and pay 384 euro tax on the diesel over 5 years old!

so be prepared

Wow that's some list of requirements

As it's from the UK, it's a non-EU vehicle and hence subject to duty and VAT when imported. If you want a simple import, and you pay the duty/tax, then the import requirements are much simpler. So I think the long list of requirements you mention are to justify your personal TOR "Transfer Of Residence" and hence exemption from the duty/VAT for your belongings.

@phildraper That is pretty much the same list of documents I needed to supply to customs for bringing my furniture over.

All these requirements made me thirsty so am having a pint  in my local hostelry lol

@Toon A pint! I have bought a packet of Valium from the local pharmacist and washed it down with a whiskey lol

And another thing to mention in conjunction with the vast array of docs and meetings for customs transport dept etc is it does put a strain on the relationship as the other half is telling me I am more grumpy now that in the uk :-/

@phildraper my wife's been telling me that for 20.years ....

Hi we arrive on the 21st of February not looking forward to all this paperwork again.