Drivers license in north and south


I'm an Australian who is moving to North Cyprus. I have North Cypriot citizenship and I'm wondering if  TRNC citizens are permitted to drive in the Republic of Cyprus?

I've read online that TRNC licenses are not valid in the south but then I wonder how people who live in the north and work in the south manage to commute to work?

Any info would be much appreciated! 🙏🏼

I believe that since the opening of the border checkpoints in Cyprus, the Republic of Cyprus accepts TRNC issued licences as valid for use on their roads for 12 months.

Republic of Cyprus licences are also valid for use in the TRNC for 12 months, and are treated in the same manner as any other internationally issued licences would be.


Thank you kindly for responding Toon 🙏🏻

Are licenses only valid for 12 months in Cyprus and does one simply renew it in order to be able to drive freely between the two states?

I'm not sure if you know much more about this but any insight is appreciated!

If you are a resident in a country you can drive between the 2 countries with out trouble. If you change your country of residency you must change/exchange your license.

This is what I gather.

It would be normal and probably essential to surrender your Ozzie licence and exchange to the TRNC license RoC it's a must once resident to change to a RoC licence within 6 months not sure about TRNC but would expect something similar...

Once youve got your TRNC licence it should be ok between north and south

I believe you will need to take a driving test to get the TRNC licence ..a friend of mine who also happens to be a kiwi but lived in South Australia for many years has just recently moved over to TRNC from.RoC so will ask him just  to be sure


Thank you very much Toon! I appreciate you asking your friend. There's lots of conflicting info online so it's always good to hear from people who have had lived experience or know of someone who has!

@SimCityAT I appreciate your insight! 🙏🏻