Moving to Cyprus without driving license

I am planning to move to Cyprus in the next few months, however I do not have a drivers license yet.

I would rather do the driving license in Cyprus, because i don't want to change to driving on the left side right after getting my license and because it is much cheaper in cyprus. (In Germany, it can nowadays cost up to 3000€).

Problem: in Cyprus you can only get your driver's license after 6 months of residence.

  • Which city/location would you recommend for the first 6 months without a driver's license?
  • Is there a monthly ticket for decent local transport these days?

The best location would be one with a decent access to local transport and daily needs such as grocery stores, etc.

Any other suggestions in general?

I think location depends on  what you expect to be able to do and the district  area of choice ...

@Toon Honestly i would prefer one of the seaside cities, meaning not Nicosia. Apart from that, I'm just looking for basic needs of live in close range meaning grocery stores for example and i need a stable/fast WiFi connection, as i work remotely for a German company. Anything else would be a luxury that I can wait for until I have my driver's license.

So the most important thing for the 6 months is that not having a car hinders me as little as possible.

Larnaca and  Limassol are business orientated areas...  but Limassol is very expensive for accom......

Paphos is open all year round and is a good mix of everything.... Outside of a major town public transport is not brilliant and limited ..

As you need fast internet I would start by looking at where the fibre is available and then look for rentals. Outside of Paphos main town there is plenty of rentals. The bus service also looks very good as I saw busses running past Venus beach hotel every 20-30 mins even on the bank holidays. I have been told the tickets are cheap as well. There are plenty of small supermarkets all around and there is Lidl as well.

Not sure about the fibre in that area. Check with Cyta or Primetel. There is also an option of WiFi internet but the installation is about 250 euro and the property needs to have clear line of sight to the mast. My fibre was 25 euro installation and 14.95 eur per month for the 1st year 100mb down 40mb up. If you pay more you can go all the way up to 1gb up and down. One other thing is that it appears the off island internet connections are not as fast as you would expect. Typically on my fast fibre I see 10mb up and down on my connection to UK systems. I ran a speed test on my connection to Berlin and got 10mb down and 1.33mb up! Depending what you use the remote working connection for this might be OK

The bus service coast road link between Paphos ToTK Chlorakas Kissonerga and Coral Bay and Peyia is very good and regular with stops all along that stretch of road...

This might help you find suitable areas that have bus routes