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bus in Cyprus
Updated 2019-02-25 09:27

Cyprus is a small island, so distances between places are easily manageable. The best way for you to get around is by car, a rental car or bus. There is a good network of buses connecting even the more remote areas, although the service is not always frequent. Other transport options include taxis, travel taxis (bigger vehicles that can accommodate 4-7 people), and airport buses. Since the climate is usually warm, you can also rent a bicycle or a motorcycle to move around and explore.


Cyprus has a good network of buses that reach even the more remote, rural areas and villages. In each one of the five big districts, public transport is operated by a different service company; OSEL in Nicosia, EMEL in Limassol, OSYPA in Paphos, ZENON in Larnaca and OSEA in Ammochostos. Each company has its website, where you can learn more about itineraries, plan your journey and information on tickets. Prices differ between companies, as well as based on time of day, with morning tickets usually costing around 1,5 euros and night tickets around 2 euros. One-way tickets are usually bought on the bus, directly from the driver, but you can also purchase bus cards (mostly in bigger cities such as Nicosia) online, and top up the amount as needed. There are also daily and weekly passes if you're commuting a lot.

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You can also download the Ministry of Transport's official Cyprus Bus application, available on Google Play and App Store, to have all your information in one place.

As each company is different, service quality and itinerary frequencies can vary a bit, especially between the summer and the winter seasons. It is generally noted that the southern part of Cyprus enjoys better public transport with more frequent service than the northern part. In the big cities, the buses run approximately every 15 minutes in the mornings, and every 30 minutes in the evenings, with reduced services on the weekends.

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Onboard Cypriot buses, stops are not announced. But if you are unsure, you can tell the bus driver which stop you'd like to get off at, and they will give you a heads up when you're there.

Apart from city buses, there are also public buses connecting the two international airports of Larnaca and Paphos with the city centre, with hourly services until midnight.

Taxis and 'travel' taxis

Since distances are relatively small and bus services not always frequent, many people opt for taxis in Cyprus. Although not the cheapest alternative, taxis prices are nevertheless quite reasonable compared to other European countries. When taking a taxi in a rural area though, you should be aware that the price should be negotiated from the start, as most taxis there don't have meters. You can flag taxis down the street, or use the ntaxi app to find one near you. Cyprus also has travel taxis; bigger vehicles that accommodate four to seven people, which you can call beforehand and arrange your pickup location.

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