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I am importing my 32 year old Alfa Romeo Car into Cyprus but I have to have her insured before she gets here, could anybody recommend a good classic car insurance company please.

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try Atlantic Insurance I have used them before.

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I found Dan @ Atlantic very helpful but my vehicles were not vintage. My diesel car was over 5 years old and I have to jump thru additional hoops for transport department. I had to get a form signed at the court house. Not sure if this was just because it is diesel.

You will need the immigration docs for the dept of transport. Insurance is done on the VIN number of reg so don't worry about not having a Cypriot reg number for the insurance. When it is registered you can update the insurance.


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All brokers in Paphos ...

Thanks everybody, I have requested a quote from Abbey Gate but I will also contact other recommended companies as no harm in shopping around.

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Get as many quotes as you can. Compare prices and cover levels them off against the each other ...believe me it works.. .. but make sure its apples with apples

In my experience abbeygate ( Limassol ) is among the best to deal with ... also forget about Gan Direct ... far too any hidden clauses .... and demands ....


Try Abbeygate Insurance Paphos.

I was talking to a guy at transport last week who is importing a vintage motorbike into Cyprus and there was one missing number which I can't remember what he was saying but that totally stopped the going through process, so make sure your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed here because he had a file 2" thick with him.

You really have to be on the ball here or you will hit a brick wall. They simply won't let any process through willy nilly. I've never printed stupid things off to please these bureaucratic stamp-mad idiots off in my life.

You have to go through this madness to live here though!!!

@timhuntington  Thank you for your information, I am using Fondullas red tape services so hopefully she will make sure we have everything we need

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@richiebennett1  Thank you have had a quote from them, just waiting for a couple of more quotes to come through to compere

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@MyCandyGirl Thank you have had a quote from them, just waiting for a couple of more quotes to come through to compere, looked at Gan then came off their website without requesting a quote

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@Toon Thank you have had a quote from Abbeygate, just waiting for a couple of more quotes to come through to compere

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I have been told that apparently if you have 2 drivers on a vehicle insured then the vehicle must be registered in both names. Anyone know if this is a fact?

You don't have to but it is wise to do so .. it costs nothing or cost is negligible to do so ... Especially in the case of a death of the registered owner's a problem when selling

The vehicle has not been registered yet as we were needing the yellow slip to complete. If it is possible to register at the dept of transport in joint names I will when I go. We now have our yellow slips :-) and have been told to leave it for a week or so as everyone is taxing their vehicles at the moment!

I guess I will need an MOT at the same time for the car but the motorbike I have been told does not have a MOT

It's easy you just tell them you and spouse are joint owners and you want the vehicle registered in both names we did that with our cars did same with insurances too

Yeah for some reason thousands leave taxing their vehicles to the last possible date and thats this week

Yes you will need an MOT for the car but it's a 2yr certificate (under €30) except for brand new when you get 4 yrs mot free

Not sure of the motorbike mot.... Have asked a biker friend of mine awaiting a reply

Just for clarity you can have a car registered to one person..and the car be insured in both on the same policy... Ours was done like this when we bought our first car 9 yrs ago ...bought and registered in the wife's name insured in her name with me as named drive...then we changed it to both registered owners when we found out about potential problems.. so when we bought our second car 3cyrs ago replacing the first we bought and registered and insured it.... both named as registered owners and drivers...

Of course they may have changed things in the meantime ...

Just had it confirmed from my biker mates that no MOT required for motorbikes


Hate to be the bearer of bad news but ULEZ will be in Cyprus shortly 😐