Used Car Purchase

Can anyone tell me what the rules are to buy a used car in Cyprus. We have just arrived and started the permanent residency process but we will need to get temporary residence in the meantime. Can we still buy a car as UK residents ?
I would think you can as plenty have already  done so and are not permanent or temporary residents but holiday home owners
Dont know where you will be living but if in Paphos then am sure if you speak to someone like to Tony Michaels at CarWorks. or Simon emery deals on wheels am sure they will give you top information as well as guidance assistance as to the process
There are a few new laws here , one is that you have to provide evidence of residency for the last six months , with utility bills in your name .... not so sure if it applies car purchase .. best check it out .
I don't think it applies but am happy to be corrected.... There are loads of people buying holiday homes with no immediate intention to take any form of residency... So as it would take upto 7 months to get 6 months  bills together its not realistic in my opinion
internet searches appear to conflict each other
Foreign citizens have the right to buy a car as personal property in Cyprus. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, the car may be purchased after obtaining a residence permit (pink slip), a residence permit in Cyprus, F-visa or passport stamped with multivisa.

Along with the registration you also required to have a paid road tax and insurance. To buy a car in Cyprus is not necessary to be a Cypriot resident. Foreigners and non residents as also able to buy a car in Cyprus

I suspect the first one is probably more likely to be correct. But having said that i don't know how efficient and strict the transport dept and sales people are... I've only ever bought new here and each time I was asked for yellow slip.... But then I was an EU national and not a non EU national as I am now
Well there ye go Car Works Tony Michaels has confirmed that you can buy without being legally resident..

Simon Emery Deals on Wheels has also confirmed it

You learn something new every day
Thanks everyone, very helpful as usual.
you cannot cars older than 5 years, nie
Only if you import