Car SORN - How to get back on road

Hi All,

Declared car off road in early 2019 as came back to UK for lockdown. Now back in Cyprus and looking to get car back on road. Can anyone tell me what the process is? Can i drive car to garage for relevant testing etc ahead of taxing etc or do i need to declare car back on road first?

Thanks in advance
I suspect its a trip to the Transport dept to sort this out .... I wish you the best of luck as they are not well known for organisation.. but are famous for chaos.... Organised chaos

Maybe contact Tony Michaels for all things cars...he owns Car Workz and is probably one of the most knowledgeable people  on cars etc he has a faceache page ... Car Workz
Driving a SORN is bad. If you un-SORN it, then you need tax, insurance, current MOT. And driving without any of these is bad. So it's a little flakey either way! :-) Best bet is to trailer it (if you're a stickler) or do as much as you can before leaving home (un-SORN, tax, insurance) and then make it a very quick trip direct to the MOT... with your fingers crossed. :-)