Sri Lankans in South Africa

I am a retired American with a Sril Lankan wife and stepsons. We have been trying for years to obtain immigrant visas to USA, ( where I live) and have almost despaired. I am seeking an alternate joint destination. South Africa is appealing, however I wonder how the general population treats Sri Lankans? Would there be educational and future job prospects for my teenage stepsons?

Hello Marys Man,

Well it also depends on the field of study or professional career they will choose.

Lots of universities in South Africa but as I said it will depend.

For a good start, maybe you should read the articles of the Living in South Africa guide for expats to know how you can go about visa, studies and jobs.

All the best


Thank you for the kind reply.

I was looking for first hand lived experience by Lankans as to any percieved prejudice in SA. I understand there has been considerable racial tension directed towards Indians in the last years. We all know Sri Lankans are not Indians, but mobs do not.

As a Brit thats been in SA for 10 years, its hard. SA universities will take your money (as an international student), but unless you work for an international company that puts you here, its a risk for anything after jobwise. Sadly this has hit home for me as I have just lost my SA wife. I have been here for 10years, married for 6 years, so residency is my right and I have a profession that is on the critical skills list for SA. I'm leaving.

Thank you cgilbertuk.

Are you leaving because of limited opportunities, or because of prejudices that cause difficulties? (both were implied parts of my original question)