Mexico City immigration assistance

Hi all does anyone have a recommendation for an Immigration facilitator in Mexico City that can assist with the Canje process. If so please DM contact details

Did you find one? I need the assistance too.

This woman comes highly recommended.


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thank you so much. I sent her email but she didn't give me response. How much does she charge? Do I need prepare the document in the US and bring to Mexico? Or she will help me to prepare?


hi have you received any recommendations? If not I can recommend someone in CDMX.


Hi Sunny—I can assist you. I have worked with a variety of folks from this community. I'm unable to post a link to my page, but feel free to message me.


Thank you for your kindness. How can I reach you outside this forum? I will be land at Mexico on 5th. Can you help me with Canje whole process? And how much does you charge?

@Sunny_x I sent you a message!