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I've read older threads but curious if people have recent experience with the canje process at IMN in Mexico.  I am entering Mexico 9/2022 with a temporary visa.

I've heard (best case) the process takes 3-4 weeks from arrival to receiving my card. Are there IMN offices that have shorter appointment lead times or allow walk-ins?

I'm hoping to explore Mexico and won't necessarily have a "proper" temporary residence address.     How others have handled not having a fixed address in Mexico?

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What is the Canje process
I have the same question. And if anyone can recommend a facilitator and knows which INM offices work faster than others.


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I got a quote from MexLaw in playa del carmen that guaranteed a five day turnaround for $1400. It seemed legit, albeit pricey. I am investigating other places with 2-3 week turn arounds but much cheaper. (maybe LaPaz or SMA). Having an 'address" is my big question.

bueller? bueller?
current resource on visas

thanks for the link. I have seen that article and think the mexexperience is an excellent site. The article talks about IMN office that accept "walk-ins" or have shorter than average wait times, but does not provide concrete information on the specific locations. Hence the original post and question.

Have you paid for the relocation guide that ME offers? does it list the specific information listed above? Is it worth the $395 investment?

what you have to understand is it is not what it was.
The set plan was quickly changed and has gotten worse since. When I first came it was all set, except it wasn't. I carefully followed the plan. I was told it was all up to me I was resp[onsible to be sure all the required rules were met. I got the attention of the right agent and showed her the paperwork including the visitor's visa where I had printed Canje. She said I had 30 days in which to continue. I went and they said they would contact me.  That date came and Nothing so I went again. That's where things really fell apart. the holidays came and the usual staff had a holiday. The replacement staff had no idea what was happening. The new staff said I hadn't paid the fee and demanded it be paid again. I then had two copies of the paid fees and three trips to the bank. They said they would let me know when my card was ready. I asked about the overpayment and they said Mexico just changed their computer system and everyone was trying to understand including Mexico. I would get the overpayment in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I got the card and had to return it to the designated office every week. It took about 3 months to finally get the overpayment. Lots of time spent on colas or long lines. Following that was the CV mess.
I have seen this and other issues again and again.
Don't expect followed rules and a smooth transition. as they say it's up to you. if you fail or expect them to take care of you. something will be missed and you will be told to go back to square one. By the way Mexico is not fully computer functional.

@fratellini Hi Brian! It depends which city you are entering. Mexico City is currently same day if you get in line early enough (530AM at the latest). Most people use an Airbnb at the beginning if they aren't settled and then file their change of address once they settle in somewhere. The law is you must do that within 90 days.

@Top212 Mexico City is currently same day as of today. Veracruz is also quick as is Merida and Cozumel.

@fratellini ..You may be subjected to a visit by an INM agentto verify the residence you have listed on your application. I was. But this can vary by each INM office. I had a friend who was applying, but had permanent address in one city but was living with girlfriend in another state. He befriended an INM agent. The agent told him it would be no problem to process his paper work.
Currently you have to apply at the office closest to your stated residence. If,  for example, you give a Cancun,  Quintana Roo address, you cannot apply in Merida, Yucatan.

One of the main criteria for issuance of a Mexican Residente Temporal, is to show residential and financial stability.

Realistically,  to locate a "fast track" process and to be assured your paperwork is correct, there are reputable individuals and law firms
that specialize in this activity. But, you will pay dearly.

Contrary to the experience of travellight, we both used the same INM office, I did my own paperwork and it was never rejected. My timing was not good. The two week Xmas vacation intervened. It took four weeks instead of two for my RT to be issued.

Always keep in mind, in MX, no matter what an official government website states, not until you are face to face with the burocrat is all revealed.

@fratellini hi Brian. Have you received any replies? I have the same question.

SMA has 4-5 wk wait

In Tijuana it's all walk ins for the first 2 visits

Your visa is good for 30 days. It takes less time to go through the process. However you have to be on top of it.


Hi Brian,

You may have already gone, but if not, I recommend Mazatlán. The whole process took 2.5 hours.

I'd completed all the forms (3) that I printed from the internet, including the Pago de Derechos (payment form).

I arrived at 8.30 on a Tuesday and was the only one there. Before they opened, at 9, someone came out and took my paperwork.

They returned the form that I'd already printed to make to payment and sent me to the bank. When I got back there were about 12 more people there, for various reasons. I waited for about an hour before being called for photos and fingerprints, then another half hour for my card. It was really quite simple. I had been so apprehensive before the trip with not knowing how long it would take. I'd initially planned to go to San Miguel de Allende, and use a facilitator. I changed my mind when she told me the wait there was 4 weeks. I am familiar with Mazatlán, and September is pretty much off season, so I think I beat the snowbirds.



Thanks great news, congratulations. 

How did you handle the local address part? Did you provide an address in Mazatlán?



What did you use for a local address? was it your ultimate residence address?


Hi I was just in Mexico City last week and I receive my temporary residency card in one day at the INM office in polanco. I was at the office waiting in line at 4:20 AM and was out with my card by 11:30 AM. I used a residency facilitator who is very good and honest and the cost was quite inexpensive Compared to what I have read others have had to pay for assistance in acquiring residency. If you would like to know her name please DM me and I will pass on that information.

@Trvlnlite516 This is very interesting . is it possible for you to share you email. I would like to know more details please.

@Travel36 me too.



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@Trvlnlite516 the info you sent I guess needs to be sent via Private Message for safety and security, Which I completely understand. I just more info  about the residency process and facilitator you used.


i used the same person with the same result. Gabrielle Smith, PhD got me in and out of the Mexico City INM office on the same day.  I flew in Sunday night, got in line and at 430am Monday morning and was 55th on the list. At 7am they opened the gates and assigned appointment times for that same day.  My appointment was at 9am and I had my residency card by 11:30am.

One could easily do this themselves, but considering the reasonable fee I'm glad I didn't. I used the AirBnB address for the forms. The process takes patience but it went smoothly


I went to the Merida INM office yesterday, did all the paperwork, photo, fingerprints, etc. but they said the card won't be back for a week because they've run out of plastic. They have to wait for more from Mexico City.

@Top212 Update from Merida: Still no cards being printed, from what I've heard. I did my appointment last week on the 5th, card promised in a week. I'm figuring to apply for an exit permit and see if they get it printed by the time I have to be back 60 days from now. Looks like they have a pretty hefty backlog of unprinted cards piling up.


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Sorry, I do not understand your question. 

What Does the acronym; DM stand for?

It's alright. Sorry for confusing you. DM means directly message.

Sorry, I do not understand your question.
What Does the acronym; DM stand for?

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DM means direct message also known as a private message.

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@Psjbj Hi Brian, have you book your appointment before you go there? Can you speak to them in english? You paid the fee in the bank using that form?

Thanks !

@Psjbj Hi Brian, have you book your appointment before you go there? Can you speak to them in english? You paid the fee in the bank using that form?

Thanks !