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I am looking to visit the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles to begin the process of obtaining a temporary residency visa. I am retired and wondering if anyone here has any experience with this particular consulate as it seems they all have slightly different requirements as to financial solvency. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks, Randy
I went to the one in Arizona. You don't have to go to one in your own state. At least that was the way it was when I came here.
Went to Denver and full time resident was $4200/month of permanent income 
@hilton463  If it is beneficial for you and you think you qualify, I suggest going straight to Residente Permanente. One big downside is, you can not get an import exemption for a US plated vehicle. 

Downside of Temporal: First visa is only for a year. Renewal can be done in MX in 1- 3 year increments, for a total of 4 years. There is a "discount" for multiyear renewals. 
Upside: you can get a vehicle import exemption based on the number of years your visa is valid. 
Does anyone know if I apply for permanent residency and it's denied because I'm short of the financial requirements (will be short on the monthly income part of it, but will  own a house over 400k in MX) will they just tell me I don't qualify for PR and approve me for temporary? Or make me start all over? this office is 3 hours from my home so I really don't want to have to repeat it. Thanks 

Because missing a crucial step can take you back to square one it would be safer to get those questions answered using the Mexican government's website https://embamex.sre.gob.mx, https://www.gob.mx/

The Mexican government website is nothing like it used to be, so things that were are not necessarily the same. 
Now if I can figure out how to get a English version...I don't see an option for English.
Some browsers will do that for you, and some computers have an app or program for translation.
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