RiP Melanie

One of the old stalwarts of expat help ... Sadly passed away today Melanie Osborne.....   

Melanie was a prominent figure in Paphos in guiding new arrivals through the myriad of immigration and banking legislation to obtain residency....

She will be missed


RIP Melanie.

Sorry for the sad loss of your friend Toon


@Toon Hi , I am Melanie's Uncle , I reside in Reading uk. Her Mother Susan is my Sister  haven't had contact with them for some time .

Any help with tracing her would be appreciated.

Thanks Deryk Taylor

taylor.11@[link moderated]

I have  got the RBL in Paphos  helping  me aswell

Pm you

We are so sorry for your loss @Toon.1f61e.svg

Please accept our deepest sympathies

Cheryl team

Alas not my loss directly but she was a very good assister of expats in the Paphos region but thank you anyway ...

That is so sad, she helped us get residency just 6 weeks ago she seemed fine at the time.


Melanie Osborne ( MEL) will be forever in our hearts, as we lay her to rest.

This will take place as follows,

Friday 2nd December 2022,

at Peyia Cemetery, at 11.00am

Dark clothing only please, as requested by Amber.

Family flowers only, please. But, anybody who wishes to, can bring a single stem flower, to place in with mel at the service, this again, is at the request of Amber.

On Friday, there will also be a donation box, for the 2 charities named,

Stray Haven Dog rescue and rehoming,

And Ronald McDonalds house of charities, Cyprus.....

Nobody is obliged to bring a flower or make a donation, this is a personal choice to you....

After the service, Melanie's family would like to invite anyone who wishes to, to join them at,

Legends Lounge Bar in Coral Bay, to remember Mel, honour her life, and pay their respects, as she gains her angel wings xxxxx


I hold it true, whate'er befall;

I feel it when I sorrow most;

'Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.

          Alfred Lord Tennyson...

@Toon sorry for our loss toon

She helped us snd will be grestly missed


Latest details on the transfer of the late  Mel's immigration workload .. … 558169546/

Very helpful Toon, thanks

Hi Toon,

Do you have any further information about who has taken over Mel's workload or if there is someone operating with her old clients? I have tried and tried to join the above group but my membership has not been approved...maybe because I don't have much of a profile on facebook as I barely use social media...any info you have on this would be most appreciated.



Sorry I have no further information

@sakers82 I might be able to help, if you PM your Names and the time of your Immigration appointment I will then pass them on.

Hello aawetu,

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Please note that you should post an advert in the following section > Paphos classifieds > missing people.

Thank you,

Cheryl team