Help with the 90 day rule

I was a little confused with the 90 day stay rule and thought that you could only stay for 90 days in one visit and I have made an error and will be overstaying in Cyprus by 3 days.  I have been popping backwards and forwards every few months as been buying a property and furnishing it, but have only stayed on short visits (7 - 10 days max) since July 2022 when I purchased the property and I originally did not not count these visits in my 90 day stay.  I was hoping to stay in Cyprus (flights booked etc) from the 25th April to 20th July but this now takes me over on the Schengen calendar by 3 days.  Should I worry about it or should I book a flight home for a couple of weeks within this period or notify someone of the oversight.  I really do not want to get fined or deported.

Try this calculator

It's 90 days in a rolling 180 days .. use the calculator and add each trips dates in and out

That is what I have now used and unfortunately it says that I am 3 days over i.e. 93 days.  It is entirely my own fault but wanted to know if there was a way around it other than flying home for a couple of weeks and then flying back out to Cyprus which is quite costly at that time of year.

Am not sure if there is way round it..if it was me I'd just wing it and play dumb you made a genuine mistake with all the things you've had to deal with and lost track of timings etc am sure if you take your property purchase with you to show that you are genuine .....

I think I would be booking flights either home or to another closer cheaper flight non Schengen Country stay for enough time extend the rolling period ... Why not experiment with the calculator to a point where you are not an overstayer....

How long was your last stay if it exceeds the 90 days in may not be allowed back for 90 days...a much shorter period is likely depending on how long you stay out of the country and Schengen areas in terms of the rolling days.

When did you buy your return ticket or was it pre booked

The maximum amount of time I have stayed in one period is 10 days as purchased property in July 2022 and stayed from 15/7/22 to 24/7/22.  I have made 3 further visits since, (1) 11/10/22 - 18/1022 = 8 days (2) 26/12/22 to 4/1/23 = 10 days, (3) 26/2/23 - 4/3/23 = 7 days and the long visit I have booked is from the 26/4/23 to 20/7/23.

Let me check

Easy alter your booked next visit starting 26/04/23... To an acceptable date of return to beat the 90 days .... Or delay the booking 3 days

Eg. If You return on the 17th July you are fine ....but you won't be able to return again until 16th October.... As your next legal 90 days window starts 16th Oct

PM me with an email address and will send the screen shot

Many thanks for your help Toon I may act dumb for 3 days or book a trip back to the uk for a week or so. I have not booked to go again until the 27th October to the 8 Jan 2024 but hopefully by then I will have my temporary visa.

Is it not easier and hassle free to change your return flight to the 17th.. you would be guaranteeing no fine and no ban as that can happen .unlikely as it may seem you are relying on a customs official having a good day....

It would be but my partner is flying out to stay for my last week and has also booked to fly back on 20/7 as only arriving on 13th.  I will look into changing my flight and leave him out there for 3 days.

Yeah give him a get out of jail free card for a couple of days lol .... Good luck.

Or delay the booking by three days and come back together

I read on Gov website that you 90 days in cyprus do not count towards 90 days in schengen zone so if your including any schengen days in your calculations maybe they don't count

Thanks for your post Jonathon!

That may well be true but 90 days is the limit in Cyprus.. and the stays here in the original post are solely Cyprus. .

bear in mind that Cyprus are to be part of Schengen but have not achieved it yet . But they do monitor and apply the 90 in 180 day rule

@Toon 90/180 days Schengen rules do not apply to North Cyprus as it's not part of EU.

Am I right in saying this?

The length of stay granted at the designated ports and border crossings of North Cyprus cannot exceed 90 days within a period of 180 days. No visa is required from those who have legal residence status in the country or have a residence permit exemption pursuant to Article 12.

Cyprus is not part of the Schengen area, Visits to Cyprus do not count towards your 90-day visa-free limit in the Schengen area. Visits to other EU or Schengen countries do not count towards your 90-day visa-free limit in Cyprus.

Eg. If You return on the 17th July you are fine ....but you won't be able to return again until 16th October.... As your next legal 90 days window starts 16th Oct

Does 90 day rule applied to TRNC as well?

Yes.. I believe it does unless you are legally resident in the TRNC