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Added on 03/04/2024
USD 150000
Everything you need to know to work in New Zealand
Starting a business in New Zealand
New Zealand is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to start a business in. Indeed, for several years in a row, the country ranked number one in the world for ease of doing business.
Working in New Zealand
Over the years, New Zealand has become a top destination for foreign professionals looking to boost their careers abroad. Working in New Zealand may be different from working in your home country, but finding a job can be easy with a little guidance. Here is an insight into the local labor market.  
Working in Hamilton
Located in the Waikato region, just over 100 kilometers from Auckland, Hamilton is a city on the rise. It is the fourth largest city in the country, with nearly 179,000 inhabitants and more coming in every day thanks to educational and professional opportunities available. With a diverse and growing economy, Hamilton is at the heart of a rich agricultural and pastoral area with a large dairy industry and a number of scientific research facilities. This area of New Zealand is very open to welcoming new residents from all cultures and backgrounds.
Working in Dunedin
Dunedin is one of New Zealand's most iconic cities, and it is becoming increasingly popular with expatriates due to its economic development and prosperity. It is the second-largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, the Otago region's main city, and is ranked seventh among the largest cities in all of New Zealand.  
Working in Christchurch
Christchurch, or Chch, as the locals like to say, is one of the major South Island cities in New Zealand. It is the capital of the Canterbury province and is slowly rebuilding itself after the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. Although more than ten years have passed since the devastating earthquakes, the city is still in a transitional period, which means there are many opportunities for growth as the city re-establishes itself and seeks to attract new residents.  
Working in Auckland
Being New Zealand's biggest city means that Auckland has the most opportunities for employment but also the most competition. Finding a job in Auckland can take a while, depending on where your skills lie. Here are some things you can do to get ahead in the job market.
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