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Everything you need to know to work in Malta
Finding work in Malta
Malta is world famous for its postcard-worthy beaches and beautiful landscapes. Indeed, this tiny island nation has become a top destination over the years for expats, attracting newcomers with its attractive climate and topography. But beyond its natural beauty, Malta also provides varied career prospects that many foreigners have been enjoying in recent years.
Finding work in Gozo
If you are planning to live in Malta, why not settle and work in Gozo? Although it is quieter than the main island of Malta, Gozo can also be an interesting place to live and work in. Located 25 minutes away from Malta by ferry, Gozo is the second biggest island of the Maltese archipelago, stretching over 67 km² in the Mediterranean Sea.  
Setting up a business in Malta
Setting up a business in Malta is rather easy. Thanks to various incentives provided by the Maltese government, many foreigners have been moving to Malta in recent years to launch new ventures. Simple procedures and low tax rates enable entrepreneurs to get started quickly. The government greatly encourages entrepreneurship to boost the country's growing economy further.
Finding work in Saint Julian's
 Many expats in Malta choose to work in Saint Julian's, a place that offers a lot of career opportunities. Saint Julian's is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in Malta, not only for the numerous leisure activities it provides but also for its vibrant nightlife.  
Finding work in Sliema
Working in Sliema is a popular choice among expats living in Malta. Tas-Sliema, typically known as just Sliema (pronounced Slee-muh), is located on the Northeastern coast of Malta, across the harbor from Valletta. It is one of the country's most dynamic cities. Stretching over 1.3 km², Sliema provides a range of activities, including commercial and trade activities, leisure, shopping, and a variety of local and international cuisine.
Finding work in Valletta
When it comes to relocating to Malta, many people think about working in Valletta. Located centrally on the eastern coast of Malta and stretching over a mere 80 hectares of land, Valletta is the Maltese capital city.  
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