How to develop a professional network in Abu Dhabi

Developing your professional network in Abu Dhabi
Updated 2021-11-10 10:52

Developing a professional network as an expat in Abu Dhabi is easy as long as you are open to meeting new people. Here are some tips for getting started.

Join professional learning workshops

There are a lot of available workshops to help improve your professional skills. These workshops give expats excellent learning opportunities as well as chances to establish a professional network that can be useful in the forthcoming projects. Mingle, chat with people and open yourself to new experiences.

Gather contacts as you meet people along the way

As you meet new people in your line of work, you get to know a lot of professionals in the same industry as you are. Get to know them and keep them in your address book. You can then use them as contacts for your growing professional network.

Maintain a professional relationship with all your previous employers

If you are transferring to another company, maintain good terms with your former employers so that they can write you a reference letter in the future.

Not a people person? Don't let that stop you

If you do not socialise much, let yourself learn to change that and start mingling with people. Participate in activities that will benefit your professional growth and enjoy while doing it.

Step out of your comfort zone

Just because you belong to one department does not mean you should only connect with people from there. Step out of your comfort zone and build rapport with others in the same organisation. You'll never know when their help will come in handy.

Ask for help

Reach out to people who can help you with your questions or dilemmas. This will help you establish potential connections as well as making your job easy for you as you navigate the ropes of your job.

Socialise outside the office

It is a common culture for workmates in Abu Dhabi to hang out outside the workplace. Join them and socialise outside the work environment. It is a healthy way to establish a professional network and take a load off after a long day's work.

While retreating to your home and keeping to yourself may be tempting for some, establishing professional networks are imperative if you want to thrive at expat life; especially in a city like Abu Dhabi. Adjust to your new role and make friends along the way to live a balanced life. Living away from loved ones and from home is not easy, but when you do it with people beside you, it gets easier and makes expat life a breeze.

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