What is third party rejection in DOH license activation?

Can anybody tell me what is third party rejection in DOH license activation?😟

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My application is also rejected from 3rd party ... any information regarding to correct it you have....????
Hello, any updates about rejection reason , did you re apply
Any reason for rejection
Please check your inbox
@Islam Abdelhamid
Hello. Sorry to reply late. They said it is confidential
My wife license also rejected by third party. We went to C.I.D and they said it is her name is clear.  We called D.O.H they said that it is rejected by third party and they don't know.
Any one who know any solution .   

@Muhammad Khan19  Is it her first time to apply for DOH license? usually reasons like the CID form isn't clear when uploading or some details are missing.

@Muhammad Khan19 hello. Now what happened to the license processing? Because for me im still waiting for 3rd party approval for almost a month. Can u please help me what you did? Thank u

Hi! Good day to everyone. I am also experiencing same issue. I am still wating for 3rd party approval for my license. Is there anything we can do? Thank you!

@sumaiya27hoque re-registration of my doh license got rejected by third party..could you please help

@Muhammad Khan19 ... Check the e-tarasol data that you have filled. Her name should be as per the visit visa or the Passport if not visa. In E tarasol you have to enter the HER complete name in the first name space and HUSBAND's complete name in the family name eg. (KIRAN ASLAM - FIRST NAME) and (SULAIMAN HAIDER - FAMILY NAME).

Those whom 3rd party approval is still under process its a good thing as they are reviewing your application and may approve soon.. it usually takes 3 weeks to 2 months.

@pueblochristine I have same situation, I'm still waiting for approval for almost a month.

@pueblochristine  did you received the CID/Third party clearance? 

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I hope that pueblochristine gets to see your message soon so that she can share details with you. 1f609.svg



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@mrjaaazclothing  My DOH licence also rejected by Third party. is there any solution ??

I gt rejected from my third party approval is thr ny particular reason .. as my nme is diff in license and eid ..

@Regine Santiago hello! I would like to ask, how long does it take to wait for third party approval?

@mrjaaazclothing in my e tarasole data passport no is error .. now doh licence application is for third party aproval .what will happen it will reject or not ? What i can do that ? Anyone knows help me.please.

@Regine Santiago  did u get approval ?

@FATHIMA SHAHAR BANU  did you get approval ? how many days first

Hii i got third party rejected during license activation please anyone help me to solve this problem

@Cheryl  hi mam my registration of license in UAE it got rejected by third party so please help me to get solved mam

@hma musa still rejected

My licence also rejected mam.

If you find solution update me


Hi sumaiya.. my doh license also got rejected by CID.. so if i reapply for that.. is there any chance to get activate

My pharmacist license is rejected by third party and my cid form also properly filled.

But I don't know reason.

Any one have any solution for this.

My doh licence also rejected. 3 times. No reason. They say it's Cid clearance.

any one can help us about DOH licence rejected from cid . same as all reason  , how can i resolve

any one can help us about DOH licence rejected from cid . same as all reason , how can i resolve
-@Mohamad Fakih38

nothing and no issue

Hi I'm from the UK and my clearance got rejected

the agency and hospital I got a job at were both very shocked and didn't expect this

can anyone please help provide information on why this has happened

and if I could appeal to whom should I go?

@Mohamad Fakih38 there's no reason. Irrespective of you applying any number of times, it'll not get accepted. Try Dubai and forget about abu dhabi, or try a different job


Just to destroy futures of healthcare professionals

Dear Respcted,

My DOH application got rejected due to non submission of request justification which I have already submitted to PRO.i have send all the justification letter which collected from my previous employer.The PRO uploaded another document instead of this and he is not admitting that mistake.

I am waiting for more than a month for the license activation process.

What I have to do the next?

@ZainabJaved mine also rejected

Who is 3rd party approval? Is it from the DOH side?

@sumaiya27hoque mine is waiting more than 1mo for 3rd party approval

@Muhammad Adnan27 mine is waiting more than a month but am still working in ksa while waiting for license activation