Obtaining work permit for Abu Dhabi with DUI

Hi there

I have been offered a job that starts in August in Abu Dhabi. I have got all my paperwork together including all of my degrees, transcripts and police check authenticated and attested by the UAE embassy in New Zealand.

My question is around the fact I have on my police record a minor drink driving offence from 6 years ago which I received a fine and 3 month temporary driving disqualification. I explained this to the Emirati representative at the UAE embassy in new Zealand and he said it won't prevent me from receiving the work permit as the new security check process is checking for serious crimes not minor ones like mine.

But I would like to know from anyone who has experience of this or knows more information about it. I'd hate to get all the way to Abu Dhabi to then find it is an issue.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Any luck? Were you able to get your visa?

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