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Indonesias capital city, Jakarta, is also one of the countrys major culture and education hubs. Jakarta houses hundreds of fantastic universities and higher education institutions. Each year, this city attracts thousands of students from all around the world. Moreover, its status as the countrys largest commercial hub also increases its appeal to aspiring students looking for the best education and employment opportunities.

Why study in Jakarta?

Aside from being the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is also one of the country’s leading centres of education. Students from all around the country flock to Jakarta to get the best education possible. Today, Jakarta is home to some of Indonesia’s best universities and learning institutions.

Jakarta is one of the world’s busiest global cities, housing numerous multinational companies and organisations. This directly influences the development of Jakarta’s educational establishments. The city’s higher-learning institutions are always improving their programs to meet international standards. Right now, some universities in Jakarta are even globally acclaimed, offering world-class courses with fantastic lecturers.

Universities are also opening more opportunities for international students to pursue their education and dreams in Jakarta. Many universities offer international classes and programs. Some even have courses explicitly made to cater to international students. Universities in Jakarta dedicate themselves to building a global image by offering all-English courses and comprehensive study abroad programs for students from all around the world.

Moreover, studying in this dynamic global metropolis will also give you access to the best employment opportunities. You will be able to get internship experiences at multinational organisations. Studying in Jakarta might even boost your chance of getting employment opportunities at prestigious companies once you graduate. Whether you would like to work in commerce, trade, finance, technology, or any other sectors, studying in Jakarta will give you a great head start in your career.

Visa requirements for international students

Before embarking on an airplane for your study abroad adventure, don’t forget to apply for the appropriate visa. Visit the Indonesian embassy in your home country and apply for a social visit. Once you arrive in Jakarta, you can then apply for a student visa. This visa will be valid for one year, and it can be renewed each year up to four times.

If you are already enrolled in an Indonesian university, they will usually be able to help you apply for a student visa. For more information, contact your university and your home country’s Indonesian embassy.

Jakarta’s top Universities

Jakarta is home to dozens of universities and higher-learning institutions. Some universities are even included in the top 500 best universities in the world. In Jakarta, you will find both national universities and private universities.

Enrolling in national universities is generally less expensive, costing around IDR 2 million to IDR 7.5 million ($140 to $525) per semester. Meanwhile, enrolling in a private university can cost anywhere around IDR 5 million to IDR 15 million ($350 to $1,000) per semester. It’s also worth mentioning that it is more difficult to get into national universities as they have harder and stricter tests.

National universities

Universitas Indonesia (UI)

Located in Depok, part of Jakarta’s metropolitan area, Universitas Indonesia is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia. UI offers a variety of Natural Science, Medicine, Technology, Social-Political, Economics, and Humanity programs as well as vocational programs. With high-rated courses and lecturers, UI is considered one of the best universities in Indonesia. Each year, this university attracts students from all around the world. Studying in UI will give you an excellent, comprehensive, and multi-cultural study abroad experience.

Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ)

Universitas Negeri Jakarta is located in East Jakarta. UNJ is Jakarta’s best teaching, research, and higher education institutions. The most popular courses here are related to Teaching and Education. So, if you would like to pursue a career in education, check out UNJ’s various programs.

Private universities

Bina Nusantara University (Binus)

Bina Nusantara University is well-known as Indonesia’s only private university to be featured in the list of the top 500 universities in the world. Binus has several locations as of 2019, including the three main campuses in West Jakarta and Alam Sutera, part of Jakarta’s metropolitan area.

Binus is famous for its world-class Computer Science and Information System courses. Aside from that, Binus also offers Business, Economics, Hospitality, and Humanity courses. Binus is very accepting towards international students, offering all-English degree courses and study programs specifically designed to make students feel right at home.

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Also located in West Jakarta, Atma Jaya University is a well-known university in Jakarta as well. While not as popular with international students, Atma Jaya offers great international courses. They even provide free Indonesian language classes and a well-designed study program to ensure a smooth transition for international students in Jakarta.

Atma Jaya’s most popular programs are Accounting, Law, and Finance. Aside from that, this university also offers Science, Medicine, Engineering, Socio-Political, Technology, and Language programs.

Prasetiya Mulya University (Prasmul)

Located in Tangerang, part of Jakarta’s greater metropolitan area, Prasetiya Mulya University is considered Indonesia’s best business and management university. In fact, most Prasmul students end up being some of Indonesia’s best entrepreneurs and business owners.

Aside from Business and Management, Prasmul is also famous for its Accounting and Marketing programs. Starting in 2018, Prasmul also offers Science, Technology, Engineering, and Law programs.

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