The labour market in Jakarta

Jakarta's labour market
Updated 2022-09-26 12:22

Jakarta, home to more than 9 million people, is a bustling city full of opportunities. As Indonesia's financial and commercial center, Jakarta is the country's economic mainstay as well as its main business and communication hub. In addition to being one of the most prosperous and fastest-growing cities in the country, Jakarta offers countless job opportunities for both locals and expatriates.

The Jakarta labor market

Jakarta is a dynamic city based on trade and various major industries, and its rapid development presents some obvious challenges. Despite the bureaucracy and chaotic environment, there is a market for foreign experts with specialized skills.

Most expatriates working in Jakarta are employed by foreign companies, teach English or work in the import-export sector. In recent years, demand for foreign talent has also surged in the country's rapidly evolving IT, communications and e-commerce sectors.


This sector has always thrived in Jakarta since the city is one of the most important business ports of Indonesia. Job openings in this area include business development manager, operational efficiency manager, business consultant and strategic negotiator. As the Jakarta Stock Exchange is one of the main hubs for Asian trade, there are also many opportunities for stock market experts and financial professionals.

Oil and Gas

Just like the preceding sector, the oil and gas industry has always been a great source of employment for expatriates in Jakarta. In addition to offering high salaries, the sector provides different job sections, namely in the fields of financial analysis, engineering, management and geology. However, it should be pointed out that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources requires foreign applicants to be over 30 years of age but under 55 years of age to work in the exploitation and consumer sectors in Indonesia.

Financial services

The finance sector is constantly in demand for talent, and expatriates can earn comfortable salaries as managers, consultants, CFOs, treasury managers, economists, data analysts and controllers.


As mentioned earlier, the information and communication technology sectors are growing fast in Indonesia. For this reason, companies are looking for engineers, software developers, web developers, technical consultants and cybersecurity specialists, especially in Jakarta.


Due to the rapid growth in the number of international schools in Jakarta, the demand for foreign teachers is on the rise. The need for language tutors, especially in English and Mandarin, is particularly pressing and strongly attracts younger expatriates.

Hospitality and Tourism

As much as the business world prevails in Jakarta, hospitality and tourism are equally important components of the city's economy. Over the past few years, the government has been trying to boost tourism in Jakarta and improve the hospitality sector. Private companies are responding to this demand and are hiring expatriates for positions as hotel managers, chefs and business consultants.

Wages in Jakarta

Jakarta's foreign professionals are the 8th highest paid expatriates in the world, with average annual salaries that range from US$90,000 to US$120,000. Local companies looking for talent place a high value on the experience and skills of foreign workers and aim to attract them at all costs.

But, of course, salary quantum is determined by the industry one works in, their educational background and professional experience.

Some figures

  • Teaching in international and national schools generates an average of IDR 12,900,000 monthly.
  • Working in the oil and gas sector yields an average of IDR 10,900,000 per month.
  • Accounting and finance jobs pay an average of IDR 12,500,000 million per month.
  • The rapidly growing information and communications technology sector can generate salaries between IDR 6 million and IDR 20 million per month.

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