looking for a cook who knows Indian cooking

hi, can someone advise me where I can get a cook who can cook Indian food.
We live in Kemang area...just two of us at home.

Hi Sanatha,

Could you please drop an advert in the Jobs in Jakarta section of the website so that interested candidates may contact you ?

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Go to Ganesha in Kemang Square, they serve delicious India food too, from there try as their cook to do freelance catering during their off hours if they want.

Good Luck

Thank you Jeffrylie, yes we have been to Ganesha to eat. It is a good place... the best we found so far for indian food (also Queens Tandoor)...how ever we cannot ask them to come & cook as they work from 11am to 11pm!!

But thank you for your time to reply. God Bless

Sanatha, why dont Gojek them. :) Yes Queens Tandoor also my favorite, however if you happen to find any Indian cook, do let me know too, im curious if they want to open a small stall to a 40indian family in my area. We used to have catering service from Ganesha. fyi

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For security reasons it is unsafe to post contact details on the open forum. You can check the jobs section at the top of this page for work and you can also place a free advert there too offering your services.

Thank you for your information

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