Looking for maid agencies in Jakarta

Hello all,

I’m looking for information on any maid agency in Jakarta. Malaysia has recently relaxed the rules & individuals can now bring in maids directly from Indonesia. I require a domestic helper mainly to take care of my ageing mother.

Would appreciate any help or advise.

Thanks in advance.

Yes employ someone from your country. Pay them well treat them with respect and remember they are human.

I apologize for the above remark.

Yes I have heard that the Malaysian Government now allows people to bring in maids from overseas themselves. We are so used to reading in the news about isolated cases of Malaysian employers mistreating their Indonesian maids, so understandably some people might hold strong feelings about this matter. However, of course the majority of Malaysians are kind to their maids and treat them with respect.

You can actually google to get lists of maid agencies in Jakarta:

- http://www.streetdirectory.com.my/busin … id_Agency/

Searching online is quite easy.

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Hi, I am also currently looking for Indonesian helper. May I know did you manage to get Indonesian helper from the maid agency? Any recommendations?


Not a good reccomendation for maid agencies in Jakarta believe me.


Hi,how much is the salary offer?im available by january 2019 and i have pasport already.curantly im still in singapore but will be going back home for good by next week.please contact me ***anna

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