I am  a foreigner living here in Jakarta Indonesia. i need a good maid . if any one is interested please let me know or if you have any person who want to work as maid, please inform me as well. thanks

It is not easy to find a good maid, maybe you tell if you need one for single or family household, live in or out.

Also the area where you stay can help to get proper response.

Just a note, finding a maid mid of May will not be that easy bearing in mind that Ramadan is approaching next month and local staff can't wait for their holidays after receiving their bonus payments.

And then you do not even know whether or not they are coming back to you.

Where do you live? I know someone who would if in Epicentrum.

Ask your security guard.
Better than average chance he'll find someone.

In the past year I have got through 5 maids. One was my wifes maid who retired. The next one quit after visiting her village. Then I had a maid who was totally useless. We then were offered another who on arrival said she was 15. So she left the next day. Then we had a maid who had been working in the city for 4 years. She went home and never returned. The last one lasted 2 nights mainly because she told lies about everything and did not know how to sweep a floor.

The 2 of the maids were experienced house keepers. The others were not.

They were found by my wife's family around the country and by her brother who is a driver. I guess we have had a spell of bad luck but hopefully someone will come along after Idul Fitry.

Sorry to hear about that Luke! But did not know how to sweep the floor?? That bad?
Btw,I read your story about her, it sounds ridiculous! You flew her all the way from Sumatra wasnt it? Did you see flight tickets?

Here's a point for Luke.
At 15, a girl is far too young to work but not when you consider the alternative they might face.
My first maid never turned up for work, she was forced in marriage by poverty.
The second was even younger but I took her on anyway.
Her home consisted of a wooden shack with hard dirt floors and she had no hope of school.
Her job at my place was to clean the house, nothing more.
Basically, she was finished in a couple of hours so had loads of free time to do whatever she wanted and we sent her to a local part time school.
If we hadn't allowed her to work, that would have been another young marriage.
Poverty is a dog.

Lesser of two evils.

Luke, chances finding one after Idul Fitri is by far bigger than before fasting time.

We also had various bad experiences in the past. One had no idea how to clean our flat, was lazy and not willing to learn.

Another one mixed our clothes and washed them and the result was that my white shirts turned out to be pink and light blue.

Of course we interviewed them first and they showed recommendation letters from previous employers....well there is always something you don't think about to check when hiring a maid.

At least we now found a good one, 3 x week for cleaning and washing clothes, she is friendly and with nice attitude.

The 15 year old girl was being pushed by her family to work and had she worked with us it would have been her second housekeeping job. The age and the way her family demanded money and a few other things put us off immediately.
The one from Sumatra came from the middle of nowhere was 19 with a 4 year old son and a husband to support.  She had no idea about anything and told us she wanted to leave because she missed them.
She clearly recieved no guidance or help before arriving in Jakarta otherwise I am sure she would have said no.

Thats one of the downfalls of living in the big durian.  I hear all the time that one of the biggest challenges living there is finding good, reliable and steady domestic help. 

Not to go OT on this topic, Luke have you ever considered a move to Bali?

Given your background and experience teaching, I would think you would find it relatively easy to land a good teaching job here either in a private, or international school.  Bali is a great place to raise kids.  Just a thought, and I dont mean to pry.

I have thought and discussed it but at the moment thats all it is.

But it is something I would consider in the long term. Bali or somewhere in Java.


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Hi, need a live in maid in sudirman, near tanah a bang. Anyone? Thanks.

Ok....i take the job

Good for you happy hour. Let us know how it works out

Don't know yet Luke but it sounds tempting. Wish me luck..... :)

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I am interested in being your maid.

Please kindly write me directly

Happy Hour did you get the job?

Hello all,

@ frozenkeyfrost : Welcome on Board  :)  I would suggest you to post an ad in theHousemaid jobs in Jakarta section. You may this way reach out to more interested parties giving away a maid job.



Hi Luke,

I quit after 1 week....

So this position might be available again