Verdant Garden, an urban life close to nature

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Published on 2022-09-19 at 07:45
With its warm tropical climate, lush green nature, warm lagoons and sandy beaches, Mauritius is a haven for many expats and digital nomads.  Yet, despite the promises of a sun-kissed laid-back Mauritius that awaits at the end of the road, moving can often be a stressful business. Whether for work or play, or simply for a change of scenery, moving abroad can be an exhausting journey full of trials and tribulations, anxiety and uncertainties. Opting for the right place of residence can take a huge load off the stress level and turn moving into an infinitely more relaxing, enjoyable and exciting endeavor.

Verdant Garden, due to its prime location at a strategic triangular area between Côte d'Or, Moka and Ebene, in the green heart of the beautiful island of Mauritius, offers a panoply of conveniences that can make moving a less daunting enterprise. Retaining the appeal of a leafy suburb, within a 2-minute drive from the bustling Ebene Cybercity where myriad businesses are based, Verdant Garden embodies the quintessential requirements of modern-day living – a living space following sustainable development practices without compromising on comfort, modernity and aesthetic appeal. Verdant Garden is a place where you can mix community life with urban spirit, nature views with accessibility and interior design with convenience. 

Verdant Garden's closeness to two main business hubs on the island namely the Ebene Cybercity and Port-Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, make it an attractive option for expats looking to move to Mauritius for work. With ease of access to the motorways, the capital city of Port Louis is approximately a 15-minutes' drive from Verdant Garden, rendering the residence an appealing option to avoid long-distance daily commutes and the exhausting traffic jams it entails. 

In addition, expats coming with their families will have, in close proximity to their residence, a selection of prestigious English and French speaking primary and secondary schools such as Ecole du Centre, Le Bocage International School, Clavis International Primary School and Lycée des Mascareignes, to choose from for their children's education. The University of Mauritius and several other prominent universities such as the Curtin University Charles Telfair Campus are also located in the area, making it an ideal place of residence for young adults pursuing their higher studies.

Verdant Garden offers swift accessibility to healthcare and medical expertise through the nearby world class private health facility, Wellkin Hospital by C-Care, located in Moka. 

Verdant Garden also has the advantage of being close to shopping centers in Moka like the Bagatelle Mall, Tribeca Mall. These provide for convenience shopping, health and beauty care, specialty services, a host of good eat-out places and often have quaint little pop-up market days with local produce and crafts and fun activities. Apart from the shopping centers, there are also many sophisticated restaurants and nice little cafés in the vicinity to appeal to varied tastes and lifestyles. 

As an expat, one of the more challenging aspects to overcome is often the social interaction in a new and unfamiliar setting as well as the cultural differences encountered.  Verdant Garden aims to be a place that offers a seamless experience that allows residents to live, work, and play in one hassle-free environment. The key concept to Verdant Garden is the creation of a new ecosystem equipped with functionalities that allows people to follow what feels most natural to them – be part of a community experience and create a more meaningful, fulfilling, and healthy co-existence, while simultaneously maintaining the individuality, privacy and authenticity of each residential unit.

A cohesive experience 

To translate this cohesive concept into reality, Verdant Garden's plan is to create a simple, uncluttered aesthetic, accented by clean lines and creative landscaping, ensuring all the elements come together to deliver reliable building performance and beautiful design.

Comprising a total of five apartment blocks, each with 78 one-to three-bedroom apartments, including four penthouses, each having a private mountain-facing balcony, these apartments are optimally positioned to offer a breath of fresh air and a stunning view of the Moka Mountain Range and its lush green surroundings.

Spacious expertly fitted contemporary kitchens spaces with high-quality finishes and well-sized bedrooms designed with a minimalist style that embraces a cozy and warm atmosphere offer an immersive experience of calm, serenity and well-being. This minimalistic approach throughout the apartment is designed to enhance further the sustainable living ideology. 

In addition, residents are offered a community experience and a wealth of social interactions to choose from. Verdant Garden will have several amenities to appeal to a wide audience. With its 10x25m swimming pool, a fully equipped fitness center, a children's playground within the premises for the children to play safely, Verdant Garden offers an array of sports activities to choose from. For the nature lovers, they are afforded leisurely walks through Verdant Garden's 5,000m2 of garden area - which could also constitute picnic spaces for the balmy evenings and week-ends - as well as a dedicated jogging track along the river. Communal entertainment areas include a clubhouse, a private lounge and a dedicated barbecue area. 

Residents are offered a community experience.

A sustainable appeal

Sustainability is a crucial element of this development and careful considerations have been placed on all aspects of ecological well-being. Verdant Garden's aim is to ensure that residents are acquiring not just a home, but an eco-friendly one that minimizes waste and encourages long-term durability and sustainability. Clean energy initiatives such as the installation of photovoltaic panels for solar energy, energy saving tactics such as LED Lighting and light sensors, and other waste reduction strategies such as rainwater harvesting, composting and trash chute are all key components of Verdant Garden's residences. The minimalist design of the apartments further highlights this philosophy and large floor-to-ceiling openings have been strategically placed in the residence, in order to maximize natural light and ventilation into the living areas.

A central and accessible location

Situated along Terre Rouge River not far from the stunning Minissy waterfall, Verdant Garden gives you an easy access, through main motorways of the plateau, to all parts of the island while simultaneously offering some picturesque hiking trails nearby as well as the Smart City biking trails.  

On completion, Verdant Garden will be easily accessible through three access points:

  1. Through a bridge connecting Ebene to the bypass coming from Port Louis and Curepipe – which will be undertaken by the Mauritius Road Development Authority (RDA).

  2. An access next to Wellkin Hospital.

  3. From Ebene/Terre Rouge via a roundabout that will lead to the future Tribeca Mall

With its central location in the district of Plaines Wilhems, Verdant Garden offers the convenience of being near to amenities, greens spaces and nature while also being less than an hour away from most beaches around the island, making it a convenient place to live, work and play.

Call us on (230) 5259 3088 or visit the Verdant Garden website for more information.