Making the most of our time off when we cannot travel

  • veerasantinithi /
Published 2020-07-08 08:54

Residents of the United Arab Emirates will not be able to leave the territory until the end of the pandemic. And everywhere around the world, we will be called to spend the holidays in our country of residence. So how do we enjoy our time off when we cannot travel due to the crisis? Here are our tips.

If you are an expatriate in the United Arab Emirates

The inability to leave the country is a reality if you are an expatriate resident in the United Arab Emirates. If you used to escape the sultry Emirati days, taking refuge in the cool, you must review your plans because the local authorities only authorize essential travel. It is currently forbidden to leave the territory, and if you need to, a permit is required. Approval to leave is granted based on the purpose of the trip and the level of risk in the country of destination.

Fortunately, the United Arab Emirates has reopened its activities to the public, and you can, therefore, take advantage of the resources available on site to enjoy yourself. Make the most of it to stay in a resort, go on trips to the desert, spend a day in a water park or go to the drive-in cinema. Public beaches are also accessible, so you don't have to give up on tanning and swimming. But remember to check what are the measures to be taken to access the beach. The shopping centres are operational, and the choice of things to do inside is so vast that you will certainly not be bored. And then let's face it, it's so hot outside that, even if you are not a shopper, spending a few hours in the cool can only regenerate you.

Elsewhere in the world

If you are forced into the city, what could be better than a swim in an outdoor swimming pool to avoid the heatwave? It is a good way to relax, have fun and get your fill of vitamin D. Also, find out if there are attractions to visit near you by car, such as zoo safaris. This type of activity is excellent to do with children as well as being one of the safest because it limits interactions with the outside.

Another idea if you are stuck in your country of expatriation and want to spend a few days out of town is to rent a holiday home with a nice garden. It is the ideal way not to give up holidays and seems to be the favourite choice of many expats this year.

Do you prefer something more lively? Buy a tour guide, get in the car and go to the discovery of hidden places. The routine sometimes makes us take the beauties of the host country for granted, so let's take the opportunity to look at things as if we were tourists and fill our eyes with all the beauty that we have the privilege to enjoy every day.

For those who live near the sea or the mountain

If you are lucky enough to live in a seaside place, the game is almost done because you just need to put your flip-flops on your feet and plant an umbrella on the beach. The activities to be organised are among the most varied: from surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, etc., to doing nothing by reading a book on the lounger. If you want to avoid contact with other swimmers, bring your fridge bag with food and drinks that you don't have to go to the bar.

If you live in tropical areas, find out if there are botanical gardens to visit: go to the discovery of native species, take photos and post them on Instagram!

Those who live near the mountains can take a walk among the greenery or go hiking in the refuge. One of the most fun activities that the mountains offer in summer is rafting. Embark on a challenge against the current to discover unspoiled landscapes! Alternatively, organise horseback riding or dog trekking. The lazy ones can go to the mountain pastures by car!

Are you travelling on a four-wheeled holiday? Rent a camper and be an explorer. Depending on where you are, you can visit cities of art, natural parks, or go mushrooming in the woods.

More tips for things to do

Regardless of the destination you are in, there are wildcard activities to be practised everywhere.

Do you have a small garden or a terrace? Well, put your green thumb to the test by growing some salad plants, two tomatoes or whatever you want. You don't have to be a great expert, at most you buy two small plants of aromatic herbs at the supermarket, and you just have to water them. It may seem trivial but know that gardening, or caring for a plant, is an excellent anti-stress and keeps the mind busy.

If you are nostalgic, use the time available to make a selection of all the photos saved on your PC and create an album on your computer to give to anyone you like this Christmas.

Lastly, don't forget to plan your days in advance, talk to the family so no one will feel left out of the decisions, and contact other expatriate friends who live nearby to organise some trips together.