Dealing with the pressure to be productive during the lockdown

Published 2020-05-05 09:33

When you open Facebook or Instagram, all you can see is bread-making, fitness challenges or people getting in touch with their creative selves but all you can seem to do is work and take care of your children or if you don’t have children, re-watching Friends episodes on Netflix. Here are a few tips to deal with the pressure of being super productive during the lockdown.

Remember, this is a stressful time after all!

The COVID-19 crisis was not meant as time-off. The COVID-19 crisis, is a crisis. It is a time of uncertainty and anxiety. Being locked at home with or without children to take care of, working from home for some, learning a whole new way of living, dealing with the worry and anxiety of the disease or the economic aftermath of the disease- this already sounds pretty productive! It is important to remember that the COVID-19 remains a crisis. So be gentle to yourself.

Other people are not your competition

Yes, they might be baking, fine dining, working out and what not but remember, people only post what they want the world to see on social media. So, do not see other people as your competition. Everyone is different and does things in their own time and at their own pace.

Cut social media accounts that make you feel bad

You know that little pinch you feel when you’re watching someone’s social media post doing something you wish you had the time or motivation to do? That’s guilt! And this is really not the time to be feeling guilty!

Is there a mom constantly telling you how great her kids are doing during this lockdown? Block her! That coworker constantly posting on Instagram about the whole three, nutritious, home-made meals she makes her kids everyday? Block her too! And yes, also block the gym buddy who will not stop posting his pre, mid and post workout selfies.

This works for children too!

Yes, of course your children are missing a lot of school. And while some schools are better organized than others, arrangements will have to be made for everyone to be able to catch up on what they have missed. So unless your children are taking really important exams this year, allow them to relax, and give yourself time to relax. This time is likely very stressful on your children too. So yes, it is important to make sure they keep in touch with their school material but it is also important to understand that there are more important things: like their wellbeing and your own wellbeing. So instead, try to spend time with your children (work permitting) and if possible, involve them in educational activities together as a family.