Single, expat and quarantined

Published on 2020-04-22 at 09:35
The COVID-19 crisis shakes up couples' habits but also single people's lives. How to cope with being single and quarantined? How can one still search for love during lockdown? Suggestions from a single expat lady in her thirties. 


If you are lucky enough to be able to work from home, take some time to catch up with your co-workers. You never know, one of them is maybe as lonely as you are right now… Afterall, falling in love in a professional environment is a real classic. 

Dating apps

Hundreds of dating apps offer you the possibility to meet singles from all over the world. Tinder for instance has opened its virtual borders allowing you to talk with singles from any country. Swipe right and here you are, texting Petur in Iceland or with Bahiya in Malaysia, all from your living room in Spain. What if online dating leads you to a new expatriation?

 Virtual dates

Texting is great but seeing each other is way cooler. Organize a romantic date by visioconference. Start with an “e-apero”, then cook the same recipe and have dinner together. Finally, use Netflix Party for a nice movie night. A fun way to create first memories remotely before the real dates after lockdown, that's what we called love in quarantine. 


What if Love was just around the corner? The quarantine is also a great opportunity to meet your neighbours. Don't be shy and finally wave at this mysterious man who drinks his coffee every morning on his balcony in the building across the road. Have a chat with the lady next door so charming with her protection mask. Getting to know the people living around you is also a good way to know more about the country you moved into. 


Being single shouldn't mean being lonely. 

If you are locked down with roommates or family, have great conversations, have fun and be creative like French comedian Roman Frayssinet quarantined in Canada with his two Quebecer friends Anas Hassouna et Oussama Fares. Every night, on Instagram, the three humorists open a window on their daily life during lockdown, with videos and it is hilarious

If you live alone, take time to call your friends and tell them about the mysterious coffee guy or the charming neighbour next door. 

Finding love while being locked down, you still don't believe in it? The story of Jeremy and Tori, two singles in New York might change your mind. The American photographer saw a beautiful woman dancing on the rooftop of the building across the street. He then found new ways to seduce her: drone, romantic dinner by visioconference, first date in a giant bubble… a beautiful love story to discover on Youtube.

Article translated from Single, espatriato e in isolamento