The best places for senior expats to live in

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Published 2020-01-31 09:00

So you have decided to retire abroad? Have you yet chosen the country where you would like to spend the rest of your life? Age UK website recently published its study about the best countries to live in for the elderly. It comes as no surprise that Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia top the list for factors like security, life expectancy, etc.

Early retirement

If you are working in the United Arab Emirates, here is some good news! To conclude your long and fruitful career, you can retire at the age of 60, compared, however, to 49 for the Emiratis. In Cambodia and Qatar also, you can retire at the age of 60, but in Colombia, you have to wait until you turn 62.

Higher life expectancy

The rankings show that Hong Kong has the highest life expectancy: 84.9 years on average, even though Monaco, which does not appear in the ranking due to insufficient data in other categories, has a life expectancy of 86 years. Unsurprisingly, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore and Spain also top the list thanks to the quality of life enjoyed by their inhabitants, as well as their modern and developed infrastructure and the quality services provided to seniors.

The best healthcare services

Chances are you might not have expected to find Taiwan topping the list of best countries for healthcare. Yet, Taiwan can boast its modern health system along with government-administered health insurance providing comprehensive coverage. Besides, healthcare services in Taiwan are affordable, and waiting periods are shorter compared to other countries. South Korea, Japan, Austria and Denmark also stand out for their high-level healthcare systems and skilled doctors and medical staff.


Retiring abroad might be your quest for a safe, quiet and peaceful place to live in. Iceland is not only one of the world's most peaceful countries but also enjoys great political stability. Singapore, known for its strict laws, as well as Norway, Switzerland and Denmark, are other safe countries with very low crime rates.

Become a homeowner

If you live and work in Saudi Arabia, your earnings will probably allow you to become a homeowner. Property prices in Saudi Arabia, as in the United Arab Emirates, are relatively affordable. While the US remains one of the world's most expensive real estate markets, you can still buy property given high wages to which expats are usually entitled. Belgium, South Africa and Finland are other places to consider.

Finding happiness

Scandinavian countries like Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, as well as the Netherlands and Switzerland, are reported to be the world's happiest countries. The high standard of living enjoyed, as well as the cost of living and health care, leisure activities, cultural wealth and wellness services have been raising the overall satisfaction index.