Driving Cities Index: The best and the worst

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Published 2019-11-29 11:56

If you’re planning to move abroad, driving conditions in your destination is not likely to be a decisive factor (or it might be, who knows?). Either way, it is always interesting to know what to expect. Here are the best and worst cities for drivers according to the Driving Cities Index 2019.

Should we just all move to Canada?

Canada’s supremacy as an expat destination is no more up for argument. The country is regularly featured in top quality of life rankings and here it is with yet another top seat in yet another ranking. With Calgary, the young and dynamic city of southwestern Canada at the forefront.

It used to be known known for its rocky mountains, it can now be called "the city of happy drivers". The roads are properly maintained, the price of fuel is reasonable ($ 1 / L), the air unpolluted, the mortality rate is very low, public transport is at the top. Calgary seems close to perfection, doesn’t it?

Second to Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver rank respectively 3rd and 6th. Canada officially deserves its title of "country where life is good" ... and the driving too!

Dubai comes in second!

The city is almost as good as Calgary. Although probably a little bling-bling-er. Dubai ranks second, just behind the Canadian city. The ultra-modern cosmopolitan city owes its 2nd place to pump prices almost half as expensive as in Calgary ($ 0.59 / L). The death rate is however higher in Dubai than in the Canadian city.

And the others ?

You have to get out of the top 3 to find American and European cities. Switzerland is first to be found with Bern (4th place). Basel, another Swiss city, is 9th. The first American city is at the 5th place with El Paso, its famous Franklin Mountains State Park. The city of Texas is the only American city to be in the top 10. Europe closes this top 10, with two German cities, Dusseldorf, in 8th position, and Dortmund, in 10th position.

How about the worst?

Political tensions and tense economic conditions, social crises, demonstrations ... These are all situations that have a very real impact on the lives of motorists. Driving can become a real problem. At the top of the worst cities for drivers ... New York! The ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’ has a lot of unpleasant surprises to motorists, with congested roads and a quality of air that’s not always quite there.

In Athens (90th rank), it is the cost of fuel that weighs the most. To that, you add the poor road infrastructure and the . Same thing in Moscow (91st) or Lagos (97th). It is India and Mumbai (formerly Bombay), which close the march. The city is elected worst place for drivers. High mortality rate, saturated roads, exorbitant fuel prices.