Cheapest countries if you want to study abroad

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Published 3 weeks ago

Learn a foreign language, make friends from all around the world, get a better quality education or even getting to know a new culture. Studying abroad can be an incredible adventure. And one that most of us dream about. But, it is -somewhat mistakenly- believed to be expensive. Quality education does not always mean you have to splash the cash! Not even (or especially) if you want to study abroad.  If you have always wanted to study abroad, but are not quite sure whether you will be able to afford it, here is a list of the top 10 countries where you could study. The list was compiled by QS Top Universities.


study in Norway

Education is not just cheap in Norway, it is free! And the quality is in no way compromised! The University of Oslo, the best university of the country is ranked 121st worldwide by the Times Higher Education Ranking. The University of Bergen is ranked at the 197th place. And the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, UIT the Arctic University of Norway and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences are all ranked in the first 500 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education Ranking. Most courses are in English.  However, the cost of living in Norway is usually higher than in other countries.


study in Taiwan

Ranked second by QS Top Universities, Taiwan is seriously underrated as a student destination. The country is one of the cheapest to study abroad, and the quality is in no way sacrificed. It costs between up to $ 4, 050 to study in Taiwan and the National Taiwan University, the best in the country is 170th in the world. The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and the National Tsing Hua University are also in the top 500 universities in the world. Compared to Norway, the cost of living in Taiwan is also pretty low, costing $ 2, 900 a year. You can also find an ample choice for courses in English in this asian country.


study in Germany
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At undergraduate and doctorate level, studies in Germany are free. And the country keeps attracting a larger student population year in, year out. Masters student would pay around $23, 450 every year. A plethora of courses are offered in English although there are a lot more available for postgraduate courses. And german universities are also doing pretty well for themselves, the best of them all the LMU Munich ranking at 32nd in the Times Higher Education Ranking. The second best the Technical Unversity of Munich is at the 44th place, and the third best, the Humboldt University of Berlin is 67th. The cost of living in Germany is around $ 11, 950 a year.


study in Paris
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In France too, tuition fees are very cheap, costing around $ 200 to $ 445 depending on your level of study. The best universities in France, the grandes écoles, do set their own fees, however. To study at a french university, you would need to be proficient in French as next to no universities offer courses in English- at least at the undergraduate level. The odds are better if you are seeking postgraduate qualifications. The cost of living differs across the country, although it is highest in the capital city, Paris. The best university in France, Paris Science et Lettres, is ranked 41st worldwide by the Times Higher Education Ranking.


study in Mexico
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If you fancy some latin vibes, Mexico might be the country for your study abroad projects. Studying in Mexico can be relatively cheap with tuition fees costing an average of $ 6, 300 a year for an international student. The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, the best university in Mexico is in the 800 best universities in the world. However, courses in Mexico are mostly in spanish although, in an attempt to increase international students more and more courses are being offered in English.


study in Mumbai

India combines low tuition fees, low living cost, quality education and courses taught in English. Studying in India costs around $ 7, 700 a year and the cost of living is around $ 4, 600 for a year. The universities are also relatively well ranked. The best university of India, the Indian Institute of Science ranks 251st in the Times Higher Education Ranking. And the two second best universities, the Indian Institute of Technology Indore and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay are both amongst the 500 best universities in the world.


study in Argentina

You’re guaranteed to have a good time if you choose to study at an argentinian university! And at an affordable price too- the tuition fees in Argentina cost around $ 5100 and you can budget around the same amount for your overall cost of living. The National University of Cuyo and the National University of San Martin, the two best universities in Argentina are ranked between 800 and 1000th university worldwide.


study in Poland

If you speak polish and are able to take a course in polish, university in Poland is free. However, if you need to brush up your polish, the course should only cost you around $ 3, 500 a year for english courses. The living cost in Poland is also relatively low. The quality of education is not too bad either, the University of Warsaw, the best polish university ranking amongst the 600th best universities worldwide.


study in Malaysia

Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the most attractive places for students. Not only is the cost of education and living relatively cheap, but several renowned universities are also setting up branches in the country. A year of tuition fees in Malaysia should cost you around $ 4000 per academic year and it shouldn’t cost more than $ 3, 550 for a student in terms of living. Malaysia is home to a branch of Nottingham University which is ranked 149th worldwide.

South Africa

study in South Africa

Good universities, affordable prices and courses taught in English. What more would you ask for? Universities in South Africa would only cost you around $ 6000 for undergraduate courses, and living cost for a student would gravitate around $ 9, 150. The best universities in South Africa, the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape are ranked 156th and in the 600th worldwide respectively.