5 things only an expat who has lived by the ocean will understand

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Published 7 months ago

Research shows that spending time by the ocean is beneficial both for our physical and mental health. Some expats are consciously in search of seaside destinations to fill their life with joy and fresh sea air while others accidentally find themselves on the shore, only to ask how on earth were they living before without the breathtaking sea view. Today, on World Oceans Day, Expat.com celebrates the future of our oceans with a few points which commemorate the best aspects of expat life by the ocean.

Quality of life is for real

yoga on the beach

Naturally, people have always been trying to grasp the subjective aspects that the broad term of “quality of life” embraces. However, Millennials and Generation Z have made even clearer statements of quality versus quantity lifestyle. In general, quality of life is defined as the “physical, mental, and social well-being”. Although our happiness might be tough to measure, as we all have our expectations and coping mechanisms, those living by the ocean seem to follow a simpler yet more satisfying lifestyle. For example, the ocean motivates you to exercise regularly. Whether it is practising yoga on the beach or jogging around the marina, getting out of your home is a pleasure for the body and mind, which you don’t want to miss. Also, if the quality of life for many equals to minimalism, living by the sea automatically makes many materials redundant when compared to what one has to gain by sitting on the beach: inspiration, mindfulness, relaxation. Last, if we associate quality of life with a healthy diet, living close to the water helps us replace unhealthy and fatty dishes with seafood, which is a rich source of vitamins, zinc, and iodine.

You don’t need holidays

beach holidays

All your friends and family keep telling you how blessed you are to be living in a place where most people dream of taking a holiday in, and will travel (air)miles to reach to. The best thing about living against the backdrop of such beautiful scenery is that you have never felt the need to escape or book a holiday. You take your holiday at the end of every working day, when you walk the dog on the beach, or at the weekend when you have an early morning swim, followed by a picnic by the water. You don’t have to feel guilty about the pleasure of enjoying a picturesque landscape throughout the year. However, be generous with your friends and family back home, and organise to host them at least once per year to give them a glimpse of the beauty you get to savour on a daily basis.

You think about starting a freelance career

freelance career

You have been going to the office for many years now, but never before was the idea of starting up your own business or project more intense and didn’t make more sense. Living by the ocean has opened your entrepreneurial horizons, as well as your desire to become a free spirit. You wish to organise your time independently and be able to make the most of this opportunity of living by the ocean. As a freelancer, you get to manage your workload, and you can take as many breaks as you want during the day, meaning you can be by the sea more often. But most importantly, as a freelancer, your office can be anywhere — even where the wave breaks.

You are ocean conscious

protecting the ocean

Living by the ocean makes you more sensitive and appreciative towards nature’s beauty and our responsibility to protect it. However, not everyone has the chance in their life to connect with the ocean, and for many, nature is often restricted to trees and mountains. There’s a whole different world under the water, which is urgently in need of care, as ocean species and marine animals are endangered due to climate change and overfishing. If you live by the ocean, you cannot help it; you catch yourself lecturing others about the importance of educating themselves about sea life, and the impact a potential disaster will have on human beings. Also, you know you wouldn’t leave trash in someone’s backyard, so why leave it on the beach? You have joined expat beach clean groups and feel you are making a positive impact on your habitat.

You feel lucky (all the time)

happy family

Living by the ocean has a different meaning for each person, and causes different emotions and feelings. For someone, it may mean creating an active daily routine on the beach with exercising and stretching while for someone else it may result in calmness and mindfulness. Some want to be in the water surfing or swimming while others prefer to enjoy the sound of the waves and the power of the sun on the sand or the pebbles. Whatever it is that amazes you about the ocean; you must be feeling lucky to be opening your eyes every day to it.