Need a car

Hello everybody , I am Massimiliano , italian nationality just arrived in Amman due to working reason . I am looking around to understand something about this nice white city . Do someone of you knows how to buy a car as expat ? Car cost seems to be high . Any suggestion is very welcome , thanks .

if you work for example in your embassy, you can buy one in free zone in Zarqa without the customs fees.

I work for Air Arabia , private company , not sure I can do it .

Hi,My name is Zaid..are you still interested?

Hello Zaid
I am moving for a few weeks to Dubai , I will be interested once back in Amman
please if you can gve your contacts


You can buy a car in Amman, the area is called Tabarbour, as a foreigner I advice you, to take some one local to talk with the dealers, and be sure to check the electronic of the car, here they check just chassis, which must be 4 good...

i wish you good luck!

I've heard that you can save a bit of money by buying a car in dubai and having it shipped here. Of course you'd still have to pay the tax when it gets here and that is what makes them so expensive compared to outside. But, I've heard it can be worth the hassle.  Might want to look into it if you are going to be in Dubai anyway.

I am moving to Jordan in November from Australia. I want to buy a car but the price is really high compared to neighboring countries. Can I buy a car from the gulf and drive it in Jordan.

I have an Australian driver licence. We drive on the opposite side here.

I have never driven in Jordan. I have Jordanian citizenship because my parents are citizens.

Well, be prepared then  :joking:

As kip98 mentioned earlier you can buy a car from the Gulf but you still need to pay taxes. You have to find out how much you can save.

As you have an Australian licence you have to convert it to the Jordanian one.
As you're already a Jordanian it is just a formality. You can keep the Australian one.

Thanks. Do you know if long term car hire is reasonable. I have been taking taxis both official and the drivers who have those vans. It seemed expensive, particularly if my kids are with me and speak English. There seems to be an English speaking surcharge.

Anyway when I get there I will have a look at buying a car.

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