Flight ✈ prices from Jordan -Kenya

Hi pals.hope everybody is being blessed in this Ramadan;May God bless u all.

Can somebody tell me the costal prices for the flights (the cheapest one)from Amman to Kenya.

Have a lovely night.

If you google " cheap flights " you'll get several sites to choose from.  Prizes depends on availability, time, date  and which airline.

Happy searching!

Thanks @Primadonna. I highly appreciate .

Hi Esther
Sorry just seen us mail
I hope you for da information about flights frm Kenya.they range frm 700 to 1000 USD  depending on flight and connection

CHeck on websites for Emirates,Egypt air,Royal Jordan airline,Qatar airways etc

Or checkout

They are one of the best travel agencies in Jordan, located @ the InterContinental Hotel (Amman) since 1970, and can easily beat online prices.

Good luck !

Thanks to all least now I hav an hint
Jah bless u all


try to check online companies.. it is cheaper--- good luck

Jordan airline operators all are a rip off, as someone above said go to the website. they are one of the best and cheapest available. You can choose your flight from their website and pay online, they will send you your electronic flight tickets to your email, just print them off and present them at the airport. All very easy and they are very fast at replying to emails if you should need to contact them.

Very friendly too. I have used them many times in the past and they have never failed to provide an excellent service.

Hope you get a good deal and safe journey!

I agree, purchasing tickets locally at the travel offices is ridiculously expensive. Unfortunately, a lot of people  (at least in my circles) don't have a credit card to be able to purchase tickets online. Even my debit card from a Jordanian bank will not work outside of the country or online.  I think this is why they can charge so much.

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