Going around in Amman -- not a car owner


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend :)

I'm wondering what's the best way to go around in Amman if you aren't a car owner? Any experiences with Uber or Careem?

Any suggestion would be great ...


Hi Dexter!

I have been living in Amman for past one and half year.

Public transportation is not convenient in Jordan. Your only options are taxis. I use easytaxi most of the times since they don't charge you cancellation fees if you were to cancel the trip. Careem and Uber charges 2 JD for cancellation of the trip. I find Careem expensive compared to easytaxi and uber. So easytaxi is the best option for me.

I hope that was helpful.

Yes agree with Tsheley

Cheers mate

I heard of all the options (uber, careem, and easytaxi) and I'm glad that someone pointed out the best of them... Will get easytaxi on my phone...


Hello, I am also moving to Amman, and have questions about the public transport. Is easytaxi an app you get? Like uber? And do you know roughly how much it would cost for a ten minute taxi ride?
Thanks very much!

Read my forum it will help you alone and if you have any questions I can help

yes there is uber and careem apps here

easy-taxi is available, I think ten minutes in taxi cost around 1.5 JD, feel free to ask any question

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