Hire car and driver, self drive or buses?

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Finally making the move to Jordan next week. I am looking to do a quick holiday with my wife and kids who moved to Jordan last November. I want to do this trip as soon as I get back before it gets cold. I want to go to Aqaba and Petra. The family is based in Zarqa. I have looked at hiring a car from the airport for the first few days to get to Zarqa, then do Aqaba and Petra. I have taken the Jett bus from Zarqa to Aqaba in the past but couldn't find a connection between Aqaba and Petra, hence looking at driving. I have never driven in Jordan and we drive on the opposite side here in Australia.

I have been on TripAdvisor to get some advice about transport and hotels but have some questions.

Has anyone used a driver lately who can take a group of 7 and can advise what the price was for example per day? What is the drive between Aqaba and Petra like? Has anyone used Uber in Jordan and do you know if the price estimate is accurate? I can speak Arabic so just need the transport I am not looking for a tour guide. I will be in Jordan for at least a year, is it better to just drive and get used to the local traffic rules?

Thanks a lot.

You are counting down the days for the reunion. FINALLY!!!

The prices of hiring a mini van including a driver is between 80 and 120 dinar a day, depending on the distance you want to make. 
The distance between Petra and Aqaba is 120 km and it takes approximately two hours.
Mainly because you drive in/on the mountains.

Since you have plans to stay at least for a year, I advice to buy a car and drive.
In the beginning the traffic can be overwhelming and chaotic, you get to use it very quickly. I for myself, I drove only on Friday for the first two weeks to feel confident but after that I drive like a local but more safer and I respect the rules better.

Thanks. Primadonna I am really looking forward to being back with my wife and kids.

I think hiring a car is the way to go. As this will give me the flexibility to set my own schedule. Hopefully no jetlag. I am usually ok flying to Jordan and get tired coming back to Oz.

Just a quick update. I have now been in Jordan for a few weeks. I used Uber from the airport to just past Zarqa. I found it was quite cheap, it was a lot less than half the cost of a taxi. We got a driver to take us to Petra. As we were 4 people it wasn't much more than getting the bus.

Thanks for the update!  I have been wondering about Uber here and if it was good or not so that's good to know.  Can you pay by credit card via the uber ap here like elsewhere? 

Have you decided to brave Jordan driving yet?   Trust be you will adapt to driving on the other side of the road quickly.  I was worried about that in England but it wasn't bad, and I am a nervous driver.

With Uber; I registered my credit card while in Australia. Once I got to the airport I used the app to alert a driver that I was ready to go. The driver then had my location and contact details. The driver set the start of the trip once I got into the car and set the end of the trip once we arrived at the house. That's it. No money was exchanged with the driver.

As my credit card is Australian there was a small currency exchange difference, but it was reasonable.

I am looking at buying a car, I am sure I will get used to driving here. I don't think I will get used to the price of cars here 😥

Welcome in Jordan  :top:

And thanks for the update indeed.

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