Getting married in Brazil, Permanent Visa and documents required

Thank you Jim, for your quick response. Is there an up to date link with the documents needed?

MotoEspresso that's of course a matter of opinion. But it is a genuine relationship and as you know being a resident of Brazil will not provide me with the same opportunities and social securities as the U.K, so I feel I am not 'gaming' Brazil. I just want to stay with my partner, legally and happily :)

Here is the link based on marriage … -casamento



For the below declaration what would I need to get to prove the below point?

Declaração de que não se encontram separados de fato ou de direito, assinada pelo casal, com firmas reconhecidas;

Also I have this and apostilled from my home country but is there a time limit on how recent it would need to be? Last time it said 90 days for my student visa but this time it does not say anything.
Declaração de que não foi processado ou condenado criminalmente no Brasil e nem no exterior se não for casado há mais de 5 anos


The documents cannot be more than 180 days old. It used to say that but I see it does not anymore. The declaration of crimes is a document that you sign stating no criminal record in Brazil or abroad. When I did mine the Federal police had the document. I filled it out and signed in his presence and gave it back to him. Others on here have said they had to have it notarized. 


Thanks Jim!!! You're an angel.

In regards to the document about proving you're not separated. What's this?

Nikola Grace :

Thanks Jim!!! You're an angel.

In regards to the document about proving you're not separated. What's this?

Just a letter you both sign saying you're still living together and still together as a couple.

Mike is correct. I think you need to go to the Cartório and get it notarized.


That's what we did.

Thank you both of you. Very helpful.

I think you need to go to the Cartório and get it notarized.its better for stay here.

I just was granted my extension. The extension runs out the day before my first entry. I have common law agreement documents. Can I apply for permanent based on those documents? Also. How long do I have to stay out of brasil before coming back?

Hi everybody. I am looking for some help if anybody can and apologies if this has previously been answered.
My fiancé and I will be getting married this week and then I intend to apply for my VIPER visa. All of the documents that I submitted for the marriage have been kept by the registry office so does this mean that I have to return to the UK to get all of these documents and have them legalised again before I can apply for the VIPER in Brazil?

Also, if somebody could list what is needed to apply for VIPER that would be greatly appreciated as it seems like every site that I check has different information.

Thanks again for any help that you can all give


Well for viper visa you don't require that document that you submitted to cartório .. when you get marriage documents in Brazil  you will not have any more birth certificate document..marriage documents is now your everything .
And for viper visa you need

You will need:
notarized copies of each page of your passport
Your marriage certificate
certidão or declaração de endereço
a letter indicating your are still together and living together
to pay a series of boletos. … ermanencia

And you'll need your wife's RG and CPF. You can't get your CPF until you get the documents from the PF.

I was trying contact with the Pakistani Embassy here in Brazil to take the visa to go there but the information that I had (buy an agency that just do visas for a lot of countries) is that the Embassy in Brasília is closed and they changed the application. I tried to call but no one answered and I sent emails as well.
Someone knows what is happening or what I need???
I saw here that it is better get married there and then him apply for the viper permanent visa. That’s correct?
Wich documents I need take to get married there?

Thank you for the attention,

Deborah, this is the forum for finding out things in relation to marrying and obtaining residence in Brazil. See if Expat has a forum for Pakistan.

I’m sorry...
I need know that as well...


See Mike's comments 2 replies previous. He has the link there for the documents neede for permanency


I wrote my declaration for the police check, and had my signature authenticated at the cartório. Is this going to be accepted?

We were given the wrong checklist to follow by the federal police, we had everything ready to apply for the permanency based on marriage, when we needed to have the documents for the stable union.!!!

Now, we're trying to gather everything required for that, which we already did in Australia as my partner has the Australian partner visa. All our insurance, bank accounts, rental leases have been in Australia to date, but these documents are not accepted here????

The process is so confusing, I'm thinking about paying an immigration lawyer for some guidance, just to save money on having the wrong documents recognised/translated at the cartório again.

The declaration and signature yes, they should be.

The documents for stable union should be the same as for marriage with the exception of the marriage license. … strangeiro
For the forms and GRU that are needed.

This part is our problem:

And at least one of the following documents:

a) proof of dependency through the Income Tax Declaration;
b) religious marriage certificate;
c) life insurance policy in which one of the interested parties is included as insurer and the other as beneficiary;
d) lease of property in which both are listed as renters or deed of purchase and sale, registered in the Real Estate Registry, in which the interested parties are listed as owners; and
e) joint bank account.
A minimum of one year is required for the documents mentioned in items "b" through "e".

Because all our documents are issued within Australia and cannot receive the Apostille, as they are not Government documents. So, we're still wondering whether or not immigration will accept our Australian bank statements and insurance policies?

Unfortunately, I can't help you there. Your partner should call the DPF and ask.

With the new rules how does that affect us

I have been to the cartorio this morning to have documents authenticated for my permanent visa application after getting married a couple of weeks ago.
They have told me that they can't authenticate my passport copies as they haven't been translated.
This hasn't been mentioned up until now, does anyone who has been through this process before know if this is necessary?
I know that it was for the marriage application but was under the impression that for this process I only needed authenticated copies of each page?

Mine wasn't translated. I have heard and read that a new law took effect that greatly increases the daily fine for overstaying a visa. I am really glad we got married and hurried with my documentation afterward.

I had to get every document translated to use here in Brazil. There is no set standards at the cartório.  Each one can have different rules. Welcome to the bureaucracy of brazil. I have used several translators and all did a great job and lived in Sao paulo or Rio. If you need help lmk.

When I went to PF at GIG, they said I had to wait to apply for residents permit. They said until the public declaration of new rules they wouldn't be accepting any applications

To get married I had to have my birth certificate and divorce decree apostilled in the US and "officially" translated to Portuguese here. The PF required residence declarations from both of us plus a declaration that we were still together and living together. All that paper had to be "autenticado (I think)" prior to use. I saved a bit of change in printing by using Photoshop to put four separate scans, 8 passport pages, on a single A4 sheet. I thought the cartorio would "do its thing for R$7 each" on each individual sheet. Nope. One of those "celos" (Numbered stickers apparently similar in force to our notary public signatures) and stamp went onto each passport page whether it had info about me, visas, entry/exit stamps, or were blank. There were about 30 instead of the closer to 8 I was expecting. When I asked after the first three or so she told me the PF wants each passport page to have a sticker and stamp. R$56 just went up to R$210 or something.

I'm just glad we took care of all it in April and May when we did and that it didn't take us any longer than it did.

Do you know if this is the current list of documents needed? Thanks.

Yeah. I've posted it in this thread a few times. Plus links for the pages to generate the boletos to pay the fees the PF requires.

Federal Police provide afresh code to generate a boleto and you should go to poupatemto with that paper of code and there they would print the boleto for you.

True. However there is a page that shows the different GRUs that need to be generated and that's what the link is. You can print the boletos yourself or take the files to a print shop or lan house.

Hi everyone. I got my permanent resident stamp just before Xmas and have to go back in a couple of months for the card.
I am changing address next week so wanted to ask if anyone knows whether I have to update my address with the federal police or can it wait until I collect the card?
If I do have to update my address, does it need to be done at the FP office at the airport again or can it be any local FP office?

Thanks for any help.

Hi, Matt,

Welcome to Brazil!  If I read your post correctly, you got your permanent residence visa -- VIPER -- in your country of origin (good going -- that makes things so much easier!), and had your passport stamped by the Federal Police when you came through Immigration at the airport.  If that's the case, you still need to register with the Federal Police in your city of residence, complete your RNE, and receive your CIE, Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro.  I just did this in November.
You schedule your meeting with the Federal Police online, on their website.  You'll need to print out a GRU, a payment order, for the fees, pay at a bank (paying at Banco do Brasil keeps things simple), and go to your meeting with the payment receipt, any document you received from the Brazilian Consulate in your home country, your passport, proof of address (which can be in your spouse's name, if you have proof of marriage with you) and current pictures of yourself. 
The meeting is pretty automatic.  They'll review your documents, fingerprint you, and give you a Protocolo that serves as your temporary CIE.  You can use that to open bank accounts, get your SUS card, and other things that you need an ID for. 
They'll tell you that the CIE will take two months; actually, it will probably be less.  I registered on November 7, and picked my CIE up on December 6.  Good luck!

Wait till you get your card and just go to the nearest Policia Federal office to update your address. Yes, any change of address you have to inform them and it doesn´t have to be at the airport...


Hello all,

I'm going to go to the cartorio with my partner to get a stable union. Then start the process to obtain my residency.

I have a question... In May I need to leave the country for a few weeks, will there be an issue with my return if I haven't yet received my VISA from my stable union?

Thank you in advance,


Ok, what would I need to show at the airport that it is in transition so that I could re-enter? As I would have had a period of time of being illegal before leaving the country. When I re-enter I will have a new tourist window but I don't know if this time of being illegal or waiting for my VISA will give me issues?

Thank you

If you don't pay the overstay fees, it will negatively effect your re-entry. And you may have to stay out for a period longer than you originally thought to clear that overstay.

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