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Hi sir , how are you , sir i need some information about Brazil , i am plan to go to Brazil so my point is is that possible to get a asylum on Brazilian airport as soon i arrived ? if yes then can you please guide me little bit ?

Hello dkking,

While you can ask for refugee status on arrival, it is highly unlikely as a citizen of Pakistan that your refugee claim would actually be granted. Of the over 100 claims from Pakistanis in 2013 only 32 applicants received refugee status.

If your claim is denied you are immediately removed from the country.

Hi sir, Thank you very much for your help but i am not going to apply for any political asylum , I am gonna apply for a religious asylum and hopes for the best

But what is the procedure by the way for example i am arrived now and i claim asylum and what is actually next for me like they gonna hold me in airport they will ask me questions and if my asylum is granted then they will just let me enter the country start away or they will hold me in their custody  ?

As far as I am aware you will initially be detained, make an initial informal claim for refuge and only after your case has been examined initially by CONARE (Comitê Nacional de Refugiados) would you be released to a Refugee Reception Center where you would reside during the process. If in the initial stage your claim is denied you would be ordered to leave the country voluntarily and failing that you could be deported if need be by force.

It's not just a case that anybody can arrive in Brazil (or any other nation) say I am a refugee and they just walk in and start a new life. You make a claim, it is analyzed while you are being temporarily detained, then you either get in or get sent back to where you came from.

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Also the basic requirement for gaining refugee status is the ability to PROVE that your life is in danger in your country of origin.

That means that unless you are actually fleeing from a civil war, massive natural disaster, you are really going to have to work hard to substantiate your claim. For example right now because of the civil war in Syria, many governments are focused on granting refugee status to those fleeing Syria because the DANGER to their lives is very real and doesn't need much more proof that the whole world already has. Brazil accepts many refugees from Haiti which will never recover from the massive earthquake that struck there.

In your particular case I can tell you that you will ABSOLUTELY NOT be granted assylum, your application probably won't even be taken if you are actually in Thailand as your profile indicates, and you are trying to use some life-threatening situation in Pakistan as the basis for your refugee claim they won't accept it at all because you are already in Thailand before coming here. The Brazilian government does not consider the present situation in Thailand any kind of emergency situation since it has not even effected tourism, so they certainly would not accept your claim that you were fleeing from some danger in Thailand either.

Hey everyone just want to know more about this asylum seekers in brazil so if you are a gay man from Jamaica can you get are seek asylum and if were do the gay man seek it

The last I heard Jamaica isn't in the middle of a civil war or other domestic uprising, and hasn't been devastated by some kind of natural disaster. So, your chances of being even considered for refugee status are absolutely ZERO. Be prepared for prompt deportation back to Jamaica should you arrive here and try and seek refugee status with just the fact that you're gay. Sorry, that's not going to work at all.

The criteria for refugee status is that there are existing conditions that place your life in real and imminent DANGER.

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Hello I hannannia I am a Syrian or Syrian Christian Yes I say this because we are killing every day I live in Lebanon currently do not but I do not want to stay here because he does not work and I my family here five months ago I want to travel to Mark for myself a better future and life away from war devastation, I ask only that to come to accept me of your country I have suffered in the war, many of these are I and my family Help us please, we are not only Christian families but this is a digital 0096176014368 Thank you very much

Hello hannannia,

Well, Brazil has accepted the refugee claim of every Syrian citizen that has applied for refugee status in this country. I would say that if you were able to obtain a VITUR Tourist Visa to come to Brazil, that you could apply for refugee status upon arrival and the chances are excellent that you'd be granted it.

You should contact the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Beirute to apply for the visa. You actually may even be able to apply for refugee status directly through the Consulado. Have someone you trust phone them (or go there) and ask if you can apply for refugee status in Brazil at the Consulado (don't go yourself just to ask, and tell the person not to give your name - just that you are Syrian).

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Thank you James does not but I do not have the money that we put a very very very bad please help me if you want to come and see our situation we suffer Help us against humanity

Well, the only way that you can get refugee status in Brazl (if you can't apply directly through the Consulado-Geral in Beirute), would be to apply for a VITUR Tourist Visa, come to Brazil and make your refugee claim immediately upon arrival here. I'm sorry, but I can't help you in any way with that.

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Well thank you very much tomorrow I will go to Brazil Embassy in Beirut when we go to any embassy say you must be registered at the United Nations and my family and I we were not allowed to even stopped recording because they say what do we do and thank you

Hello everyone
I am from Yemen and I plan to travel in the middle of my trip there is a transit in Brazilian  airport I am planning to claim refugee there. Providing that I have stayed in Malaysia and Tanzania for a while but I left because the lengthy process of assessment of refugee status and the prohibition of work, study or practicing normal life in these aforementioned countries,  would the fact of having been to these countries for a couple of months in each, effect my changes of acceptance.
Thank you

Hello sir how are you and my question is that How to claim an asylum while in my transit in Brazil airport ...I'm Eritrean

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Did you get any answer of question ? I looking for same answer.

Thank you.


You can ask at the point where you go through immigration. If you have an onward ticket they will probably not grant it. But that is the only advice I have.


As James said "CONARE (Comitê Nacional de Refugiados) would you be released to a Refugee Reception Center where you would reside during the process. If in the initial stage your claim is denied you would be ordered to leave the country voluntarily and failing that you could be deported if need be by force."

This can take a long time and the committee is made up of governmental officials, rlegious and charity parties.

It was said that the majority of cases of refugees are accepted at airport.

sakraan :

It was said that the majority of cases of refugees are accepted at airport.

Only accepted as being put into a refugee centre and going through the processing procedure.

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