How can my brazilian girlfriend send me sponsorship letter in Pakistan

hello my name is Waqas Khan from swat Pakistan,my girl friend from Brazil want to send me sponsorship letter but she don't know how to send me sponsorship letter from Brazil to Pakistan,please tell me by which process she send me sponsorship letter? i am waiting for your reply thanks.

She can send you the invitation later by Sedex as an original document  , with a copy of her RG or Passport . I don`t know if Brazil accepts the invitation letter scanned but I think is better if she send`s you the original .

Here you are an example of the letter :

" To Immigration Officer / Consular Officer

To whom it may concern,

I, (name of host), (marital status), (occupation), holder of the Passport XXXXX, residing at (full address), hereby declare to all effects and purposes, that I invite (full name of guest), (nationality), (profession), holder of Passport XXXX and resident at (address) to visit me from XXX to XXX. I’m (friend, uncle, cousin, etc.) of (name of guest) and clarify that (name of guest) will stay at my residense during the entire period of his/her time in (city, country). (name of guest) travels as a tourist and will fund his/her own trip. In attachment, I provide documents that prove my (nationality) or (my regular situation with immigration). I am available for any clarifications that are necessary

Best Regards,

Signature "

The invitation letter has to be validated in " Cartorio " and the External Business Affaires here in Brazil first .

Hello waqaskhan23,

I can tell you from 13 years of experience helping people to come to Brazil that you should forget trying for any kind of Brazil visa.

The rules for citizens of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh set by this country make it virtually impossible to obtain any category of visa, even VITUR Tourist Visa. If you do obtain a VITUR Tourist Visa it will certainly be a "one time only" visa that would not allow a visit any longer than 7 to 15 days. I have never seen a visa longer than that granted on a first ever application under any circumstances.

I take it that your plan is ultimately to get married to your Brazilian girlfriend, well that process takes anywhere from 30 to 45 days, so even if you did get a visa you wouldn't have time to get through the permiission to marry stage.

My best advice to you, and it's the same advice I give to all members from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh..... forget trying to come here to get married. Have your future bride come to your country and get married there, it will be a thousand times easier. Once you're married and your bride registers the marriage with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in your country then you can apply for a VIPER Permanent Visa based on marriage... that is one that cannot be refused you unless you have an extensive criminal record.

Don't waste your time even with an invitation letter you won't get a visa for Brazil, trust me. I'm sorry to destroy you plans and dreams, but I'd rather tell you the cold hard truth, than to see you spending a lot of time and money trying to do the IMPOSSIBLE.

James        Expat-blog Experts Team

Thanks James and claudioD...


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Thanks for your advice sir,,, I am from Bangladesh.. Sir thanks once more for your advice... Sir one more things if she come to my country I mean if she came here to Bangladesh and we both get marry here after that i can het visa for brazil please let me know... please


leo sam

Hi sir im from pakistan and i have job in samsung C&T so for this im now in Qatar whit company and i want to visit brazil for my girlfriend and she also want send me sponsorship but she don't know how to send and what need to do to make easy this visit from here . i kindly request you if you have any advice for me i will be blessed to you

Thanks alot .

She can go to the police of federal and ask about the letter and she must has her account money to police of federal believe in her and tell to her she looked the internet about the kind of the letter when she found she can buy from internet and could fill out your all address on that and then bring it in ragistry of when your letter she buy you must sent your passport number, identity card number, and your all address and she must not say to the federal to you are her boyfriend because it's crime in rule of police of federal and she must say to the police of federal to you are her close friend and to know you long time and believe in you and you be careful to police federal will investigate your all life if you sex chat , girlfriend in Facebook or another side to you do they will see you and you couldn't go there and you must make police certificate for yourself to you aren't one criminal and you and her too much be careful and out all people who are looking bad because if they understand your friends are bad you couldn't go there and one chance to you more than all if she couldn't invite you or it's impossible for you she must come Pakistan and get married with her after that she go to police federal office they will not have any problem they are force to accept you and you must be careful now because you are only known her from Facebook i show all ways for and this letter will arrive about 20 days and it's has date 3 month to you can be there and you must say to you want only see the Brazil because you have interest in Brazil and when you arrive she could get married with or you can pay 1500$ dollars to you take citizen card of Brazil and even you talk about going to Brazil to another year friends it's can  be dangerous for you I had this problem too ok tell to her all of this message I sent to you even you she take the letter and bring to the federal police automatically they investigate your all life even to you call anyone to be careful until you arrive to Brazil one mistake can be risk for you my friend have a good time if you have any problem ask from me I am at your service because you are Muslim and me too bye now .

It's not as difficult as m Milan is making it sound. It is difficult for someone from your country to get a tourist visa. After you apply to the Brazilian Embassy in your country she can send them a letter by email stating that you will be her guest and that she will be financially responsible for you. The letter is the easy part.


Thank you .

Brother azazi . for your information im a simple guy i didn't have any kind of crime in life . ALHAMDULILAH  IM Muslim and im educated and from last 4years i working in SAMSUNG C&T as a commissioning engineer . and not only in Qatar last project was in other country . so i want to say im very clear from crimes .

Look bro she must see the letter in internet then buy it they will deliver her hous the letter and second time you must send your all address, passport picture, identity card, your passport number and all your documents correctly and she fill out all of your documents on letter and the third she must bring the letter to police of federal office and you must tell her now to do it first of all and the second process I will tell you and I will show you all way and you must first understand one thing bro some people are liar maybe she is lie to you to don't know about it because they don't like foreigns to their people because they think we are terrorist especially Pakistan 🇵🇰 famous thank all country about these things ok whatever if she is really want you and she is serious she could do anything to bring you there if she not lie she must do this process when she did this after that I will show you another process to you and to her too ok because last night I told all process for you but I will help you to end ok .

Ohh thank Bro.

Everyone please note that overall whatever advice is written on this forum some of it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

First of all an invitation letter only needs to be taken to Cartorio (Notary Public) which will be located near to the Brazilian sponsors' residence.  Not to the Policia Federal.

Second fact is whoevers advice you feel you need to follow please keep in mind and be a bit more cautious and read through the person's other posts as well.

For example Mr. Milad has all of a sudden became an expert and is talking about information that he has no first hand experience of.  Furthermore just yesterday Mr. Milad has posted on the forum asking if he is able to travel to Brazil with just an invitation letter instead of going through the actual process of applying for the visa through the embassy.

Those things actually provide a sense of comic relief however at the same time as there are a lot of people who come on this board to seek advice it creates a lot of confusion as well.

Just be careful guys

I'm also receiving PMs from a couple of them pretending not to know the process and then I read all of the stuff they post as advice. I'm about done responding to them.


I got it dears thanks alot for your effort.
    Best regards

Hello we are careful in this regard asked from you so now to tell me what is fact and how will be the letter periods and one person must to do ?

Milad if you take time to read the response written by me and also from a couple of other members of the forum you will find that we have already replied to your query.

Furthermore just to reiterate for the country of your nationality whether it is Afghanistan or Pakistan, you will need to communicate with the respective Brazilian embassy and get your visa processed. 


Furthermore if somehow you do manage to fly out on a magical carpet (because no airline in there right mind will let anyone board the plane without having a visa or agreement between th 2 countries that grants the person a visa on arrival) then the border patrol won't allow you to enter the country and you will be sent back to the country of origin. 

The only way this might work is if you somehow manage to enter Brazil without going through any immigrations or customs clearance for any of the countries that you will go through (not to mention the seas that you will cross), is if you arrive in Brazil and claim refugee status.

I had foreigns travel but it's too much different so whatever if I get married it's possible to I become citizen of Brazil right and I can go to easily to Brazil right? And thank for all answer you sir

M Milad Azizi :

I had foreigns travel but it's too much different so whatever if I get married it's possible to I become citizen of Brazil right and I can go to easily to Brazil right? And thank for all answer you sir … mp;lang=en

Please see this link.

You Must Have a Visa!!!!!!.
Also you need to check on "Acceptance of Refugee and Asylum" status for your country!!!!!!
Brazil is quick to Deport, this is a no-nonsense country and it takes time.
If you cannot read the link to make logic. I suggest you type it out in " Google Translator" or Facebook Translator or any translator. In plain language "The Rules are The Rules". Not trying to give you a hard time, we are trying to help you with correct information. Everything you have stated in your questions and anwsers need some FACTS, be patient, for it is a slow tedious process to become a citizen of Brail are you currently studing Brazilian Portuguese? ,Have you attemped to Apply for a VISA,You Will Not Be Allowed to Enter Brazil Without a VISA. And please follow the "Process". That's my Rant.

Thanks understood and I know English i don't need google translator or another translator ok and I don't want go there all rules of Brazil so hard I don't want like this country thankful because everything.

M Milad Azizi :

Thanks understood and I know English i don't need google translator or another translator ok and I don't want go there all rules of Brazil so hard I don't want like this country thankful because everything.

All people can use improvement as a matter of fact and just a suggestion try "YouTube" there are some good videos to help with speaking Americano/ English/Portuguese.

Some of your writing is unintelligible for I am finding it hard to decipher what you really want.

It seems you want a cakewalk to another country?

What's wrong with your current country?.

Just inquiring as to why do you want to leave your present country?.

I left the USA for economic reasons and to marry a beautiful Brazilian lady.

There's nothing wrong with having a Brazilian girlfriend so I am at odds on your recommendations and suggestions,advice on relationships with Brazilian women and how to get here?.

Do you qualify for a Visa?.

Your young and in my opinion "Most Young People don't know what they Want and are looking for the Easy way out". If your Serious about immigration to another country then may I suggest you not be so insultous and rude and perhaps some country may accept your Application for Admission.
Good Luck and remember " There's No Free Lunch"!. That's my Rant!!! :dumbom:  :cool:!.

Peace and Blessings in your quest.

Please use a translator for it can only help you to get a Clear meaning of the information I am trying to share.

Thanks for the comic relief :idontagree:   :o

I don't want anything thankful I am your debtor because of your help yet .

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M Milad Azizi :

You should try to immigrate to a country that is admitting people of your background due to war and being persecuted.
Have you tried to Google "Countries Accepting Afghanistan Refugees / Asylum Seekers".
You at 19 have a lot of energy and drive and if you want to change your current situation may I suggest you work hard at leaving the situation and  channel your current anger on leaving and at making your life better.
you have  to start somewhere. As someone once told me as a youth" You are the Master if Your Own Destiny"  and mom told me " Never,Never Give up".
One may Give In and One may Give Out, yet One Should Never Give Up.
Research all you can on moving from the situation. Where there's a Will, there is a way!
Good Luck, I know you can do this if you are determined and serious.

Why it's impossible to no one can't be able travel to the Brazil even have  invitation letter what is the reason?

Bro once take the letter then show it in Brazil embassy don't break your dreams in world no any ways to being close ok believe to Allah


Please contact the Brazilian embassy that's responsible for your country and follow the instructions that they will provide.

After receiving the invitation letter you will still be required to fill out the visa application online.  Also attach the required documentations and schedule an interview with the embassy if required

Those are just some of the steps that will
Be involved in getting things moving

Good luck

M Milad Azizi :

Why it's impossible to no one can't be able travel to the Brazil even have  invitation letter what is the reason?

Follow these links below and that should help you.

If in the event that you are unable to read the information on the websites I am providing below.

There are Phone numbers for the Embassies/Consulate,and I am sure someone who speaks in your native language will assist you with the "Required Documents".

A "Letter Will Not Admit You or Give You "Entry to Brasil/Brazil".

No one on this forum has a magic formula.

We all had to present the Required Documents for Entry to Brazil and the people who chose to Live here took the necessary steps to Visit and stay.

I am currently processing to Live here and Nothing Happens quick in Processing to Live in Brazil.

Here is some Information that may help you.

If you do not have Patience and time then you will learn a Lesson in Futility.

I have gone around and around with anwsers to your inquiries and questions, I am supplying you with Links to information that is easily Accessible to anyone!

May I also Suggest that you make "Google" your best friend. I am aware of you understanding the English/Americano Language, yet One must also understand "Commanding the Language".

Below please find a Partial List of "Required Documents Necessary" for "Entry to Brazil"

#1. You Need a Valid Passport and All Necessary Documents Listed on the Embassy Web Page!

#2. You Need a Visa ( Travel Must Commerce Within 90 days of Issuance or the Visa Becomes Invalid)

#3. You will Need All Necessary Documents as Required for Citizens of Pakistan who Wish to Visit,Migrate to Brazil.( A List of Documents Necessary for Visa for Brasil is Listed in the First link I have provided you below).

#4. The Sponsorship Letter "Means Nothing Without You Following All Documents and Requirements to Enter Brazil".

The Links Follow

Good Luck and be Patient.

Yes you are right. And thanks for. Your concern.  I would like to know my girl friend coming soon Bangladesh end of August.  May i know about processing what kind of documents I have to show Brazilian embassy .

I appreciate James your advice is of millions of dollars for needy young guys from Indian sub continent. That's the reality. I faced it too. But I overcome later on. Cheers:)

You will get for sure as a legal right.

Well I guess I'm late to respond. Marriage certificate is primary document in relation to Brazilian embassy, rest they will guide as dear friend.

Hello sir
If someone send me Invitation letter by mail can I submit it to embassy

Asif Khan 01 :

Hello sir
If someone send me Invitation letter by mail can I submit it to embassy

You can find complete instructions in English, as well as a model letter, in the Visa section of the website of the Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad.

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