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Hello Julie,

My name is Lacey Spivey.  I am coming to Rio (staying with friends on the Ilha do Governador) 20 June.  I know many Brasileros (as) and one American who lives there.

I am wondering if there is an organization of Americans that get together from time to time.  I would love to celebrate the Fourth with fellow Americans.

Thanks for your attention.


Hello Lacey.

Welcome to!

I invite you to start a new thread on the Brazil forum and ask your questions as well. :)

Thank you,

Two things that I would like to point out to all new members on the Brazil Forum.

Both regarding PRIVATE MESSAGES:

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William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

My English is not good, but i will try to participate.

Just so that everybody is clear on this, Expat-blog is not a dating site. I have a zero tolerance policy for violations of this rule. Any postings seeking or offering personal / romantic relationships will result in cancellation of your membership, no exceptions.

Ladies, (or gents) if you receive unsolicited private messages seeking or offering personal / romantic relations then click on the ACTIONS button, which you will find in the "Conversation with _____ " line at the top, then click on REPORT. Fill out the information describing the report and click OK. This will send a copy of the offending message to TEAM and it will be dealt with very quickly and in the most severe manner.

James       Expat-blog Experts Team

I am glad this only applies to the Brazil forum.

[at] Nards Barley > In fact Nards, this rule applies to all countries. ;)
Dating is not tolerated on and severe sanctions are taken against them, thats what James wanted to point out here.  :)

Have a nice day

Priscilla  :cheers:

Three years on and nobody has asked me out on a date.   :sosad: I would imagine most of the offenders of this rule are dudes.

Hi. I'm not a new member, but I haven't posted to the forums until now. I'm an Irishman who has lived in the Brazilian Amazon for 10 years, and have just finished writing two books, one of them a short story available freely from Smashwords. I thought it/they might be of interest to new and existing forum members, but I don't want to break any rules. I looked for the 'menu on left of the forums', but can't see it. Can I post something, and if so where/how?

Thanks for any help.
Clive Maguire

Hi Clive

I believe you might be better off starting your own blog here in  The details for which I believe can be accessed by clicking on the  3 horizontal bars on the top left of the screen then choosing community and then clicking on Blog.

Afterwards maybe you can post excerpts of your book or maybe start off on new postings itself about your adventures here in Brazil


Okay - many thanks for this, Stanza51.
I'm looking into it now!

You are welcome :)

Have a good one!!

Thanks for posting it.


Very interesting.
What is it about?
Is it about any research, about flora, fauna?

New topic