Trying to replace the old Expat Telegraph Mentor service.

Many of you will remember with some fondness the old Mentor service run by the Expat Telegraph as part of their website, whereby volunteers agreed to answers readers' questions about whatever locale they currently called home. However, after slowly falling into neglect-based decline, the Telegraph organisation has finally abandoned its once excellent "Mentor" service. I used to be the Telegraph Mentor for Japan and then for Hua Hin, and I would like to continue this role with or without the Telegraph. Therefore, if anyone wants any kind of information about either Hua Hin or about Thailand (or even about Japan, though I haven't lived there since 2005), please fell free to ask. As I rarely get the chance to check out the forums (Internet reliability is very different here to Japan!), I recommend you use the Hua Hin FAQ link on my blog, which can be found at
This isn't just a plug, it is also a genuine attempt to continue the information service that the Expat Telegraph USED to offer. (Could its demise be linked to the conviction of the Telegraph's former boss, I wonder?)

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Hi troopie,

we are currently looking for local (voluntary) animators, maybe you could help?

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Hi Julien whats an animator?  I am no good with cartoons but I wonder is it along the lines of mentor?

I would be happy to offer my help for Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand.

add me as a friend in your network if you would like to act as a agent for me ? or you know some one that would like to be one. peter..