Wireless Modem

Is it possible to use the internet at home via a wireless modem in Chiang Rai Province or will I need a wired connection?

Yes you can go wireless by either purchasing aircard and netsim from one of the mobile phone providers.  The aircard is a USB modem while the netsim is a SIM you install in the aircard.  The aircard plugs into a USB port on you PC.  This will connect you via GPRS/Edge and speed will depend on location and network loading since it shares bandwidth on mobile phone system.

If you will have a mobile phone and a local SIM then do what I do for access and you won't need separate modem.  Provided your phone has GPRS/Edge and is capable of being connected to PC(I use bluetooth) you can use for internet access.  I have a prepaid mobile phone SIM which I also use for internet access by purchasing a GPRS/Edge package in addition to normal phone service.  They have different packages from just a few hours a month to unlimited usage during the month.  I have the 100 hours package that cost 370 baht a month including taxes.  While on the internet your phone will still ring for incoming calls which you can answer.  I find this service okay when used for surfing the internet and doing email.  If you want to download large files it will be slow and vary depending on system loading.

I also know CAT has a CDMA service available in Chang Rai but don't know details.  Google for info: cat cdma thailand


Thanks that was very comprehensive but I was unclear at the end where I think you were saying that you use both a phone line and a wireless modem, am I correct?

I think the cost for the phone line connection is 370THB per 100 hours. What is the cost for the wireless access. Would a phone line connection or wireless connection be best for using Skype?

I do not have wired phone service. I use my mobile phone which is GPRS/Edge capable and connect to PC using bluetooth which my phone and PC both have.  You can also connect mobile phone to PC using a USB cable.  Mobile phones that are GPRS/Edge capable have necessary modem built in so why buy aircard.

You need mobile service from one of the three main mobile phone service providers (AIS, DTAC or True) with GPRS /Edge service enabled.  I would purchase one of the packages for internet because per minute cost are high.  The 370 baht I pay is for 100 hours of service during 30 day period.  If I do not use all hours in 30 days I lose remaining hours and must buy another 100 hours.  I use AIS and they have many different packages.

I like using mobile phone for internet because with decent a phone you can access internet and do email right from phone.

I got it.  Thanks for your help.