German TV in Thailand


I'm searching for a way to watch german TV in Thailand.
What is available, and what do you use?


If you have a fast internet connection you should be able to watch German programming online.  Google search for "German TV online".

You can also check this link.

Thank you, but this is not exactly what I want.
Because of the time difference, I have to watch things what I don't want to see, and DW is not a very intersesting channel.
I heard something about a software with which you can watch what you want, kind of on-demand. I thought, maybe somebody knows it and has good experiences.

Give link below a try and see if helps.

Hi Straydog,

thanks for your help, but I found what I need.
It's called and is running pretty good since 2 days.
The bad thing is, that I have to pay for it...
But at least I can watch 14 days in the past, even on my iPad.

Thanks for your help anyway.


Hi Peter, do you know that German public stations ARD and ZDF have their Mediathek online accessible via internet 24/7?

You have access any time of day and are not bound to the original TV broadcast times.

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