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till on 16 July , we will not eligible to receive an OTP security code VIA EMAIL  when you are travelling abroad. It means you have to keep your Thai phone number with yourself and use ROAMING. This fees should be very expensive. In addition to that, if something wrong  should be happened  to your THAI SIM CARD, you cannot receive OTP code anymore. It means you cannot transfer money from Thailand to another country for instance  .This included that  you cannot buy anything via Internet . Just use your debit card with ATM and shopping mall. Thank you for you attention.

Even aboard you can phone your Bank and get them to send a temporary code to the E-Mail you have register with your Bank.
That way you can do every thing you need to do.

I done it my self so i know it can be done, I all so read many other have done it.


BEFORE July 16 it would be  still possible. From 2021 July 16 , KASIKORN bank has a new policy and the process you told me does not work anymore. It is available too with Bangkok Bank. I am talking about the banks names policies: KASIKORNBANK   BANGKOK BANK. I am not talking about the other Thai banks .


Have to tell my friend about this, That back home for many month now.
And have use the temporary code from KASIKORNBANK as his phone dont get sms back home.

He use it once a month to transferee money to his GF so she can pay his rent and more.
As he waiting to return to Thailand.


you are night
but it is about a past policy
the policy will change from 2021 July 16 to......NO DATE
it is a pleasure to help you

If your friend uses Kasikorn internet banking to transfer money to a Thai bank account, there won't be any changes from July 16. Using mobile banking is another story, but why would anyone use mobile banking abroad?

Are you talking about mobile banking? When using Kasikorn internet banking, there are no OTP's  when transferring money to or within Thailand.

BEFORE 2021 16 July : What was happended when you were travelling abroad and decided to transfer money from Thailand to another country?
You could used your laptop and opened your K Cyber login internet banking account.
If you decided to transfer money from K cyber account to your bank account based in another country , you email adress was elligible and Kasikornbank center sent an email message code to your email adress . In this case, you did not have to use your phone.

AFTER 2021 16 July : What will be happen to  you when you will travel abroad and decide to transfer money from Thailand to another country?
You have to use your phone exclusively . It means your phone in ROAMING mode ( And also all excessive costs that it generates). It means you will be dependent 100 per cent with your Thai network operator(  True, Ais...)  because you will have to use their Sim Card too . If  something wrong will happen to your Sim Card, you will be in trouble because just only your Thai phone number will be elligible and reckon from Kasikornbank center.And as we know, Kasikornbank center needs an elligible Thai phone number to send a OTP message code to you.

please, let me know and feel free to tell me in case you would get another verified informations
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