Best mobile plans in Thailand

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good mobile plan for visitors to Thailand?  I will be in Chiang Mai for three months, and propose just buying a SIM card while there.

Thank you!

It will depends on your need : how many hours you need, free calls to same provider numbers, unlimited internet, SMS, etc..... plans here can be different than in UK ( usually no unlimited SMS people use more Line to chat ), prepaid or postpaid, tourist card, call overseas, etc...

For example DTAC charge 5 or 7 THB per mn to call UK depends if you call landline or mobile.

Tourist cards :

Prepaid Cars :

I use DTAC but there are many others suppliers in Thailand, some can be good or bad for datas 3G or even propose 4G, some can have better coverage in some areas in Thailand, etc..... check website of Truemove, AIS, etc....

Thanks for DTAC have stores or are they online only?

All cellular phone provider in Thiland have stores everywhere. it can be found, Big C, Tesco lotus, shopping Mall, 7/11, ..... in main street...

Thailand is not yet the countries to do all your shopping online, you always find shop to buy stuffs and always better to walk in a shop than to buy online

Hi, When you arrive at Suvanaboomi airport at the exist gate there willl be every telecom service providers line up waiting for you selling internet package, sim card etc..and  they speak english. No worries. I'm from NZ too. I broght a DTAC sim card, 399bath per month get unlimited internet ( but only 3GB high speed, free Facebook. They'll ask you to fill some money for a normal call, say 100bth or up to you. They have other packages, do ask them.  Suggest you to download Line application on your cellphone as people here use it a lot instead of texting like NZ, free call, free text.
You can simply refilll the sim money on-line , at 7eleven or any service points. Free wifi from those service providers can be found in city or shopping malls. :)