Internet provider service in Thailand

Dear all,

Please can you share your experience about your internet supplier : positive or negative point, in all aspect : speed, price, customer service, complaint, power cut, internet not available, random availibility, router, wifi, any others issues.....

Tell a bit more about your system and you : your location, the package you use, type of router ( one you have bought or the one propose by the provider ), do you live in house or condominium ( do you use the wifi of the condo ), do you use ADSL or fiber optic....

Even if you are using an internet package from a mobile phone supplier for your tablet, it is fine also to share...

Thank you

First I used True internet I went from the cheapest packed let's say 10 GB to 15 GB, because it seemed to work better with downloading, streaming movies/ tv like BBC iPlayer/ Dutch TV, viber, Skype.

Technically this does not make any sense because if we talk about download speed we are only talking about local websites. If one goes abroad the speed is the same because the providers do not pay for the used if the Internet connection cable between Thailand and Europe they use some cheap charley line.

If one would like to download movies P2P. Providers like True will block YOU. You will need a VPN application. This hides your activities from your provider and protects you when you use free wifi access around the city. I write a blog and do reviews on VPN SOFTWARE in Dutch, so that will not be so helpful but please visit

and u will see a TOP 10 of VPN supplies and visit there sites. If any question one can always send me a personal email!!

Even this site blocks my web address so please visit www debesteVPN nl or debesteVPN nl or

Nearly 4.5 years in Thailand, use True internet all the time, and have no complaints.

Have use Xdsl 6 mbit / 512 Kbit, 10 mbit / 1 mbit, 13 mbit / 1 Mbit.

1 time my connection drop to 50%, i send a mail in English, Got mail back in English inside 2-3 hours, That a it technician come next day to fix it, and he sure did that.

Super service.

Have use Cable from True all so, and one time no signal, i call them on the English support line, And they told me they cute the Cable by mistake at Chaengwattana rd, and it going to take 3-5 day to fix it.
After 2 days she call me and told me to try to go online, and sure it was fix, She call back after around 1 week, To check every thing was still okay.

Super service i have to say.

We move (Today) to my wife house where we have True Cable 50 Mbit / 5 Mbit, How that is going to work out, time have to tell.


Without a VPN one cannot download movies(P2P) please check and check te ranking and it will guide u to a good VPN provider!!

Recently I moved to another condo, before I was an happy TRUE user (15GB). After one week trying to transfer the line they came with the disappointed news there were no available lines  in my building. I could wait until somebody would cancel their subscription,  really YEAH really. Only in Thailand!!!

So I need a new ISP. I called  AIS, no coverage in my area, TOT never called back, 3BB they called back. The funny thing was, my fist questions if there was coverage in my area. Seems logical right........... No they first explain their promotion plan.

The 3BB team came by 2 days later. I thought to install but no, 4 people came to bring me the documents to sign.... i choose for the cheaper 10GB package (600THB). My IT friend said it did not really matter because we are talking about local speed. I told him we are living in the jungle and normal rules not apply to reason. Nevertheless I choose the cheaper package (being Dutch). Changed it within a week, everything just was to slow!!

The funny part is and this is now out of experience downloading movies also did not work with 3BB. I had to use my VPN again I am so happy with this not only I am protected but I can by pass my Thai ISP as well, because they are blocking me. Think they should inform me before what I can and cannot do. Not even know it this is illegal? Do you??? Nevertheless I use my VPN to look Dutch TV. There is a nice ranking of VPN on so you can choose the best......

So my questions is am I doing something what is not allowed by passing my Thai ISP?

It's true that ISP need to check if they have lines in your area - condo or house. If there is none, good bye to having ISP.

Don't bother about TOT and consider them as non existence. A friend gave up with them and switch to True.

3BB is not really great and neither is True.

When you got slow speed, their technician will come and may tell you that your anti virus slow the speed down.

You may get answer from Technician to upgrade your package to higher speed.

You may see 3G or 4G but that does not mean coverage in all places. Don't be surprise you have bad 3G signal in your home even for phone calls.

You can see lots of complains in Pantip dot com web site in Thai language.