Internet Service Providers

Hi there, moving to Sukhumvit soon, looking for an Internet Service Provider for Fast Reliable WIFI and LAN connection at our home.  Which ISP does everybody use for this... any help appreciated.. thanks in advance.

They all have it and the reliability and speed depends on the price you are willing to pay. Most have fiber in Bangkok. AIS, DTAC, TRUE are all good in Bangkok and vicinity

We have had true for 2 years.  we paid the money for 5G but it works on 2.6 G only. we have fibre but it doesn't act like High Speed at all. it bounces all over the place, and its down a lot of the time. we signed a 2 year contract which is over in March.  we plan to move to AIS for WIFI. Also the true vision tv plays mostly reruns over and over, sometimes you will get a new program and soon as you start enjoying it they take it away, never to be seen again. You lose you favorite programs all the time.  They are an awful tv provider. Again I think AIS is the best but they don't have all the programs we like from the US. we have Amazon programs & Apple TV, plus Netflix.  that's enough for me, but the wife is hanging onto these certain stations on True Vision.  In March we leave.

With a phone number from True (pre- or postpaid) you have access to the basic Thai channels

Only around 27% of True users do actually have 5G experiences...

Every TV provider has the multiple reruns... boring it is...