Turkish Girl real or fake?


This is my first post.

My question is, am I being used here?

I am a good looking man, not the best but okay lol, I live in London England and am turkish Cypriot with a good Turkish speaking accent better the most Cypriots.

I met a girl who works in a 5 star hotel in North Cyprus as a waitress.

She lives in Ankara and studies in North Cyprus. She is moving back to Ankara in 2 months as she graduates school from Cyprus.

I got her number the day I was leaving. We have been speaking for 2 weeks.

We spoke a few times on the phone for like 10 minutes max, she shuts the phone when her room mate comes in. It is a girl because I facetimed her and she showed me once. She just doesn't like talking in front of her.

She lives in a single room with this random roomate she doesn't like, it is because the hotel give them this room as an employee.

She feel ill this week and lost her job and her room apprently so i decided to send her money.

How do I know if I am being used here for money or not?

What signs should I be looking out for? Now I don't have money worries but I don't want to be used either. Do turkish girls do these kind of things? I know Thai girls do this.

Simply, run.

Forget nationality i.e. Thai/Turkish or whatever.  What you are describing is a classic romance scam.   How is it a scam?   because the girls are asking for money for whatever reason from a stranger who lives thousands of miles away.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more requests for money later on.   Now, this may not be an organized romance scam but any girl you meet fleetingly anywhere in the world, exchange numbers and try to do a long distance relationship with.........if they move on to money quickly........this means simply that they are passing time and are not really interested in you except if you fulfill a purpose i.e. financial.  If you do, they are happy to keep talking to you and draw it out as much as possible.

One question - Why did you send money?

A philanthropic bent
Hoping for a bit of nookie behind the bike sheds

Now ask yourself a question - Why would she ask a stranger for money and, if she's asked one, are there others?

As for Thai girls - Not really - It's just Thai prostitutes and/or scammers. The thing is, men tend to meet such people if they go to the big Thai holiday dumps, often when they don't want to.
I think I must be the only white, western tourist to skip Phuket early because I was sick of attention from women (and men, and those half way between).
The ladies on the hotel's reception were entirely different - Beautiful in a stunning way, but really nice as well.
A shade off topic but probably fine since you mentioned Thai girls.
After a few days of pleasant chit chat as I entered and left the hotel, the reception manager decided to ask me a question - Why didn't I take prostitutes and ladyboys back to my room?
They see western men as despicable perverts because that's only the sort they meet. I explained most don't do that but they only ever see the unflushed toilet of western men.

We live in a sad world.

Thanks for the replies. She didn't say for it to be honest I kind of just sent it. Was weird 😕

She said she can send the money back and she is always free now, looks like she really did ger fired as she is not working her hotel hours anymore and she also moved, she lives on her own now.

Well, it is your call now on how to proceed.  If you again get a "feeling" that she needs money, I would suggest to run.

I will keep this post updated, thanks everyone

Ask her to be available on WhatsApp, any time you call her, even for a short time. It is free call if one has internet. And now internet is evrywhere. Even she can't talk, you can see her on camera. You can get a feeling. If she refuses, find another girl. 😁

She never refuses a call / video call on whats app but some days she disappears for like 2 hours, sometimes 3 sometimes 4 until she replies to me🤷‍♂️

She says she falls asleep and sometimes she messages me during the night we chat then she disappears again. Again she says she fell asleep 😅

Very correct.

I am woman and I tell you she simply should not ask you for money.
If you know each other for at least 6 month /one year, and you offer her help /money because you realise she may need it, this is other story. She can accept. It is ok. But if she ask for money and you bearly know her, forget her.
Attention !
Time on this planet is limited. Your time is limited. So, manage your time carefully. 😁

Thank you. It was so complicated. She didn't ask for money. I offered her the money. She rejected a few times but I kept insisting and then she accepted. It was my fault 🤦‍♂️ I wish I didn't event ask if she wanted the money 🤦‍♂️

Well, if she didn't ask and you offered... then it is ok. Remember, we live in a strange time right now, people struggle. Who knows ...

Yeah my fault 🤦‍♂️ Thank you for the replies. I'll keep this post updated.

Tour story is very sensitive. Though I don't know that the Turkish girl is real or fake, I also want to know about it.

You sent her some money by being humanely sensitive to her situation. It's not a big deal. The value, the meaning we attribute to money lessens the ones that we attribute to human beings.

Now in that context, you should only be conscious that by sending her money, you didn't   buy
-her time,
-her attention,
-her availability/reactivity.

Human beings don't fonction this way, neither do human relationships.

I hope she settles down, has her life under control, reimburses you the amount that you sent her - as this act made you merciless and paranoid - and keeps advancing in her life. To summarize, it is you who is dangerous here, you who made a forum entrance with a title like "Turkish girl real or fake?", all naive-looking and worried, it is you who is dangerous and only you.

I wish you kindness and some growing.

I agree with you, I stopped asking ber questions as to money and stuff. I just don't want to be made a fool of that is all.

I have now started to slow down my interest to not be sound dangerous, paranoid or sound crazy. Since we are not a couple I have no say in her life. I can only advice her as an online friend.

I won't be sending money again anyway.

Also an update: When I say to ber I'll call you in 30 mins or an hour I notice she always says she fell asleep or something.

Anyway I think I'll just slow down on messaging her and progress very slowly because I was about to book flights to go see her next week 😅

As far as I am concerned if she is at all interested in a real relationship from my experience she would never ask for money in such a short time talking to you. Any woman asking for money is a scammer 99 out of a 100 times. I learned my lesson hope you get your head on straight. Do some research on scammers first. Get familiar with there methods.

I tend to agree with this. She didn't ask, she says after one week she hadn't spent the money and  I can have it back if I want.

She also said come turkey next week and she will use that money to pay for dinners and stuff.

I just don't know, she disappears for so long which is weird for someone who doesn't work.

Anyway last two days we haven't spoke much